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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 24
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I left the room with mary and we both went back to the field”nicky why is susan like that towards mia?”mary asked me looking confused. “I also don’t know why they were both like that”I replied. “Something looks suspicious”mary said. I looked at her and rolled my eyes. “It’s like susan turn a new leave, and you have to see how she begged me this morning in tears”I said looking at mary. “She apologized to you? How odd”mary said. “Have known susan for long and she can’t apologise to anyone for what she did wrong. Am surprised by this one”mary said confused. I looked at her and shook my head.

I took off my cloth and put the necklace on my dress. I went to the bathroom to take my bath, but when I came back I can’t find the necklace on my dress again. I searched and searched for it but, it’s nowhere to be found. I don’t know who took it because no one was inside when I off it. what should I do? That’s more important to me, I can’t let mick know I lost it. He may scold me For misplacing it.

Mary came in and saw how am panicking”what’s wrong nicky”she asked me. “I can’t find the necklace”I said looking sad. “How did you lost it”she asked looking at me. “I placed it on my dress and went to the bathroom”I replied dusting my dress to see if it’s within it, but no sign of it. Mary Also search with me but we can’t find it. “What are gonna tell mick?”mary asked looking worried. “I don’t know” I said sitting on the sofa. “We have to find it quickly, he will be mad at you if he knows you lost it”mary said. I don’t know who took it, I would have say it’s mia, but she was not here when I went to the bathroom.


Few minutes later Mick called me on phone see him, but am afraid he will notice that av lost the necklace. I went to him At the place he mentioned for me. I saw him by the beach and went to him.”Why are you late”he asked me. “I was busy before you called me”I said putting on fake smile. “Ok I just want to be with you for a while”he said smiling. I was a bit nervous standing beside him. “what’s with you expression?”he asked noticing how am acting. “It’s nothing”I said smiling. “Wait, where is the necklace I gave to you?”he asked looking at my neck with a little frown on his face. I quickly think of what to tell him. “Ehm…I left it in my room”I said stuttering. “How can you leave it in your room, when I put it on you neck? That is my heart, you can’t leave it anywhere but keep it close to you ok”he said looking at me. I felt really bad to lie to him, how can I find the necklace?. I thought to my self. “Don’t leave it anywhere again ok”he said and hold my hand. “Ok am sorry”I replied and we both walked by the beach talking about this And that.

Mick’s POV

After escorting her to her to her room, I took my leave going to join Sammy and Vick on the field. A guy suddenly appeared before me, blocking my way”who are you to block my way”I said looking at the guy. I think have seen his face before, but I can’t recall where I saw him. “I came to return something to you”he said dipping his hand inside his pocket. He brought out a shining object that looks like a necklace.”here, I can’t find her and i think you can deliver it to her instead”he said handing it over to me. “Whose necklace is this?”I asked collecting it from him. It looks similar to the one I gave to nicky. “Where did you get this? I asked looking at the necklace closely. “It fell from nicky when she was with me this afternoon”he said looking at me. I was a bit confused because nicky told me she left it in her room. What is this? Who is this guy to start with.

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