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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 21
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I was surprise to see them in the bus especially mick. Sammy was putting on a head warmer because of the wound. They were dressed handsomely and cute.”Why are you guys here?”I asked facing them. “Why? We are also students so, we need to be here”Victor said. I looked at mick and he quickly looked away”I thought you said it’s childish”I said looking at him. “I don’t have a choice, since this two guys forced me to come with them”Mick said pointing at Victor and Sammy. Mary just sat by my side not making a sound just staring at vick all long. I noticed mia glaring at me seriously from the back, where she was sitting with her friends. I pretend I didn’t notice her as I continue chatting with the guys. We soon arrived at the place, and the bus stopped for everyone to come down. The place was beautiful and cool. I can see the view of the beautiful oceans and flowers. I moved closer to take as I brought out my phone to take some pictures but, vick suddenly appeared in front of the camera waving at it. It snapped him instead of the beautiful oceans. I moved my phone on seeing him in the picture. He smiled waving at me, I moved closer and kicked his leg with my shoe.”you this naughty boy”I said as he held his leg with both hands groaning in pain. Mary gave me this weird look like ‘how dare you kick him’. I stared back at her raising my eyebrows. “What are you guys doing?”Sammy asked coming towards us with mick. Mick looked at vick who is holding his leg where I kicked him. “What happened to you?”he asked looking at him. “It’s nothing”he said standing straight but still shaking his leg. I looked at mary and we both laughed.

We were grouped in four to share the same room together. I hate the people I was group with. Mary, Susan, mia and I. Were grouped together. And Linda and some girls. While mick, vick and Sammy were grouped in three because they don’t want anyone to join them. We played games and had a lot of fun on our first day there. When it’s night I went to the room with mary. As we entered the room we saw mia and Susan playing cards on the bed and the whole room was littered with particles of food and snacks nylon. Mary looked around the whole room”what the hell happened here?”mary fired angrily. Mia didn’t move an inch from where she was,as she continue playing cards with Susan ignoring us. Mary moved closer to them and pull mia by her collar”do you have a death wish? Can’t you hear me?”she said looking straight into mia’s eyes.”let me go now!”mia said yelling at her.”and if I don’t?”mary asked still holding her. I went to them and calm mary down”please let her go mary”I said holding her. She looked at me and released mia pushing her to the ground. Susan was shaking in fear already. “It seems you guys don’t have any home training.

Clean everything now if you don’t want me to kick you out!!!”
mary said yelling at them. “Its ok mary”i said holding her hand. “Jeezz,they are annoying, like seriously”mary said looking at me. Susan quickly jumped on her feet and started cleaning the whole room. I saw Mia looking at mary angrily. Susan cleaned the whole room while mia was sitting down doing nothing. Mary and I went to bed after gisting about this and that.

We woke up early and went outside to do morning workout. I saw mick among some girls from my school laughing and talking. I moved to them and cleared my throat”what are you doing?”I said as I moved closer to mick. Mick stood up immediately he saw me.”why are here?”he asked putting on a fake smile. I looked at the girls and looked back at him”you’re having fun right?”I said clenching my teeth.

“Who the he’ll is she to disturb us”
a girl said looking at me badly. Mick moved closer to me and wrapped his hand around my shoulder. “Be careful of what you say, She is my girlfriend”mick said pulling me close to his side. The girl looked at me covering her mouth with her hand”oh am sorry, my bad”she said apologizing to me. I looked at her and smiled. We both left the place, and stood under a tree. “Were you jealous back there?”he asked looking at me. “ jea..lous? Am not” I said stammering. He looked at me and smiled. “Close your eyes I have something for you”he said looking at me. “What is that?”I asked wondering what he wants to do. I closed my eyes tightly and felt his hands around my neck as he was putting something around my neck, it felt like a necklace. “Open you eyes”he said as he finish putting it on for me. I looked down at my neck holding the shining silver necklace”wow so pretty. I love it”I said touching the necklace. He smiled and moved closer to me, he lift up my shin with his hand and pressed his lips on mine. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arm around his neck and moved closer to him, resting my body on him. He moved his hand to my waist and kissed me more deeper pushing his tongue in, we kissed for so long. He stopped as we both breath for air, but our lips are still brushing each other lightly. He smiled and and hugged me. “I love you”he said still hugging me. “I love you too”I said and hugged him tighter. He released me and hold my hand as we both left.

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