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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 20
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I was very Angry And out of control”how dare you lay that hand on me”she said as she raised her hand to slap me, I held her hand tightly”you can do all the hell you want with me, but I won’t take it if you hurt people close to me”I fired At her looking straight into her eyes. I dropped her hand forcefully and walked out on her.

Mia’s POV

I was very surprise to see her raise her hand and slap me. She has really changed a lot since she left the school,she is not the nicky I once know before. I raised my hand to retaliate the slap she gave me, but she held my hand so tight that I can’t move it any further. She dropped my hand forcefully and warned me never to hurt people dear to here. She left after the warning. I was very angry as I watched her leave. “I “will definitely see the end of you. “Have you forgotten I’m mia? I don’t give up that easily until I get what I want”I thought to myself.

Nicky’s POV

I left her in anger and went to the class. Mary came to me on sighting me”hy where av you been?”she asked. “I went to the toilet”I lied to her. I can’t let mary know mia is the culprit, because I know how mad she will be over it. So, I kept from her.
When the school closes I called Sammy’s number and he picked it”hello”I said putting the phone to my ear. “Hy who is it?”sammy Asked. “It’s me nicky. How are you feeling now?”I asked him. “Am feeling ok. I will come to schools tomorrow”he said. “Alright bye I just called to ask about your health” I said. “Ok see you tomorrow”he said and hang up the phone.

Mary came to me and we both left the class. “The school trip it’s remaining three days now”mary said as we went outside. “It’s near already. This will be my first trip in this school”I said smiling. Mick and Vick came to us when we reach the school compound. “Hi ugly girls”Victor said waving at us. I looked at him and rolled my eyes”don’t call us ugly girls again if you don’t want me to kick your a-s”I said looking at Victor. “Uhmm, uhm”mary cleared her throat. “Are you guys going to the school trip?”Victor asked. “Yes we are, are you coming?”I asked him. “I think so”Victor replied smiling. Mick was looking at both of us.”you’re also going”he said looking at vick. “Yes I think you will be missing something fun”vick said smiling. “Whatever”he said moving from vick’s side. “Let’s go”mick said wrapping his hand around my shoulder. I looked at vick and mary”can you drop her since you guys are both going the same way”i said turning to Victor. He stared at mary for a while and finally agreed to take her. Mary was so happy to hear that as she quickly stood by vick’s side smiling as she waved at me. I waved at them as we left.

The day of the school trip…..

I went to school packing few things in my bag pack since the trip will be 3 days 2 nights. I wore a blue pant trouser, and a white armless top. I put on my blue snikers and was carrying a bag at my back. Students has arrived at school early wearing different types of cloths. Mary came running to me putting on a peach colour mini skirt with a blue top. She was also carrying a bag at her back. “Hy nicky. You look pretty today”she said smiling as we went to join the students. Soon a long blue bus came and we all entered showing our permit cards. I looked among the students to see if I will be able to see Sammy or any of the guys. But I can’t find them among the students. I saw mia, Linda and Susan. Gossiping as usual. The bus finally took off when everybody got in. I looked outside the bus to see if I would be able to see them, but no traces of them”I thought they will be coming, but they are not”I thought to my self feeling sad. Someone tapped my shoulder from the back. And I turned back to look at the person. To my greatest surprise I saw Sammy, mick and Victor.

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