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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 19
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Mia’s POV

I sat down on my seat in class. I heard nicky saying to mary that Sammy is alright and I took a breath of relieve. I looked at Nicky feeling irritated”yes you should be happy that you are safe, crazy girl!”I thought to my self looking at her angrily. Then I saw Sam entered our class, he came to my desk and he was staring at me seriously. I quickly stared away thinking he suspected me for the incident. He grabbed my wrist and dragged me along with him. When we got a little far from the classroom, he dropped my hand pushing me forward”why did you do that? Give me the reasons why you did that to Sammy”he asked yelling at me. I looked at him feeling frustrated. “Do you have evidence that I did it?” I Asked him looking straight into his eyes. “Yes I checked the CCTV camera and I saw you in it. Or should I show you to believe me?”he said bringing out his phone. “yes I did it. I threw the flower pot on him”I stopped and look at him. He was very surprised to hear that from me.

“The person I was aiming it at is not Sammy but Nicky”

“What! Why are you trying to hurt her? What has she done to deserve that”
he asked looking at me in anger. “Because I love you, I love you so much mick.

And I feel jealous anytime I see you both together”
I said moving closer to him and held his hand. “You’re crazy right?”he said looking straight into my eyes. “I think so. You’re nut. Let me make something clear to you,i can not date someone like you and If you ever try to hurt her again, I won’t take it lightly with you”He said and removed my hand from his body. He walked out on me angrily.

I watched him as he left. I collapsed on the floor with tears in my eyes. “I can never loose to nicky, never you just wait and see how far I can go”I thought to my self angrily with tears in my eyes.

Nicky’s POV

I don’t feel ok with what I saw happened in the class, so I went to Mick’s class to hear from him what happened between mia and him.

I got to his class but I can’t find him. So I went out and stood by the window, I saw him coming towards the class but his expression was not ok. I move to him and he stopped on sighting me.”what ar you doing here?”he asked in an unusual tone. I looked at him and I guess something is going wrong with him”what wrong?”I asked him looking worried. He stared at me for a while not replying”it’s nothing am just feeling tired”he said briefly. “About you and mia…”

“Don’t even bring that up please ok”
he cuts in. I looked at him wondering what they both talk about when they left the class. “Is that what you came for?”he asked. “No I just came to check on you”I said not looking at him. “I see”he said shaking his head.

After closing in school, I took my bag from my locker and went to the hospital with mary. We both went to the room sammy was in but didn’t find him there. I went to the nurse to ask about him and she told me he was taken away by a woman that afternoon. Mary and I went out of the hospital”It’s like his mother took him home”mary said as we stood outside of the hospital. “I think so”I said looking at my phone.

“I don’t even have his number, to ask about his health”I said looking sad. “It’s ok let’s go, he might come to school tomorrow”mary said. We left the hospital and went home.

I went to school early the following day and went to the library to see if I could see Sammy but he was not there. So I went back to the class looking worried. I dropped my bag and left for his class. I entered the class but only few students were inside the classroom, there was no trace of Sammy. I felt someone hand on my shoulder, I quickly turned back thinking it was Sammy, but I saw Victor smiling at me”why are you here? Do you come to see mick?”he asked me. I look at him And rolled my eyes. “Did Sammy came to school today?”I asked him. “He didn’t. why?”vick Asked me. “Its nothing. “Can you give me his contact?”I asked vick stretching my phone to him. “Sure”he said as he collected it from me and typed Sammy’s number on it. “Thanks”I said as I collected my phone and left.

I left for my class and met mia on my way to the class. She stopped me by blocking my way. She was staring at me like she’s going to swallow me.”is there any problem with you?” I asked looking at her. you’re always lucky aren’t you?”she asked moving closer to me. “What do you mean by that?”I asked her wondering what she was blabbing about. “You should be the one in the hospital and not sammy, go to hell! I don’t want to see your face again!! I hate you!”she said yelling at me. I looked at her in anger as she was shouting at me. “So you did that” I asked her feeling irritated. “Yes I did it and so?”she said smiling wickedly. It really annoys me as she was acting. i landed a thunder of slap on her face. “How dare you did that to sammy!! You crazy b---h! How dare you!!”I said raising my voice angrily. She held her hand on her face looking at me in surprise.

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