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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 18
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I was very sad to hear him say that, so I manage to turn to him. I was staring at him not able to give any excuse to defend my self. He looked at me with his eyes half closed”I will forgive you this once but If you ever try to hurt her again, I won’t ever forgive you”he said in a little harsh voice and turned his face to the other side.

“You can leave now”he said not looking at me. I blinked my eyes and wiped off the tears on my face as I turned to open the door.

Mia’s POV

I arrived at the hospital and quickly went in. I went to the nurse and she took me to his room. As I was about to open the door I saw mia coming out of his room, we stood there looking at each other for a while in silent.”why are you here?”I finally broke the silence. She stared at me and walked out on me without giving me any reply. I watched her as she went and rolled my eyes”that evil witch. Why is she here again?”I said and went inside. I saw Sammy on the hospital bed with bandage wrapped around his head. I got closer to him and sat beside him on the bed as I hold his hand. He opened his eyes slowly and I quickly move closer to him”are you awake? Does it hurt a lot?” I said as I sobbed.

“Am very sorry, am sorry Sammy”I said as tears rolled down my cheeks. He looked at me and smiled”it’s ok, it not like am dead. Stop overreacting ok”he said smiling. I quickly wiped my tear and hit him on his shoulder”you can still joke around right”I said as I hit his shoulder playfully. “Ouch You can’t hit me, it hurts my head”he said touching his forehead. “Oh sorry”I said as I touched his forehead. He laughed and I hit him again.”you’re pretending right?”I said laughing we were both laughing when mick and vick came in. “Hey dude”vick said moving to Sammy. I stood up from his bed and stand beside Mick and vick. “It’s your head ok now? Do you remember our faces?”Mick asked looking at his head. “No it hurts seriously who are you guys?”he said smiling. “Maybe I should hit your head so you can feel better”Victor said moving to his bed. I quickly block him with my body”no way. how can you hit a patient?”I said blocking him. He smiled and stepped back.

“You are right I shouldn’t hit him now”vick said folding his arms. “What is he saying? Are you gonna hit him later?”I said folding my arm as I looked at Vick. mick smiled looking at both of us”Who says that?”vick asked smiling. I turned to Sammy”if he should hit you later, report him to me, so that I can hit his butt for you”I said facing Sammy. “Yes ma’am”Sammy said smiling. We stayed with him for quiet long before we left the hospital. I promised to visit him again the following day after school hour.

I followed mick In his car while vick’s driver came to pick him up. “I heard he was hit with a flower pot, did you see any trace of the person that did it?”mick asked me on our way home. “No I didn’t see the person”I replied shaking my head negatively.”but the person threw it from the third floor”I said looking at him. “From the third floor? Ok”mick said and concentrated on driving. We got to our house around 8:00 in the night. I got down from his car and waved at him as I went inside. I closed the gate and walked for the door. I opened it and saw my mum, dad and Ken in the living room. I greeted them and was heading to my room. “Where are you coming from this late?”my dad asked. I turned back and went to them, I explained to them everything that happened in school. My mum was very scared to hear that”thank God you’re not hurt my dear. How is your friend doing” she said looking at me. “He’s ok”I said looking at her.

”Go to your room and rest ok”
my mum said. I bowed to my dad and head to my room. I got to my and was searching for my phone. I remembered I left it in my bag in the locker. So I slept off after eating dinner.

In school…

I got to school a bit late, and quickly went to my class. I saw mary placing his head on the locker like someone who is tired and bored. I sat beside her and drew her cheek lightly”what are you thinking about early morning”she quickly jumped up and hugged me. “Are you ok? You’re not hurt anywhere right?”she asked as she looked at my body. “It’s ok am not”I said smiling. “Is senior Sammy ok?”she asked again. “Yes he is fine but thank God it’s not too serious”i said looking at her as She sat down and took a breath of relief. “I promise to find the culprit and break his/her ribs”mary said with a little frown on her face. I smiled and sat beside her.
Mick came into our class and everywhere was silent. I thought he came for me but,He walked to Mia’s table and stopped.

He was Staring at her putting on a serious face.

Everyone was surprised as the looked at mia and mick.”follow me now”he said in a loud voice. He grabbed her hand and dragged her along with him and they both left the classroom. I stood there with mary, looking confused as they both went outside. “What’s this? Why is he angry? Where is he taking her ?…..

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