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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 16
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I cried as I call for help. I don’t have my phone with me to call anyone. Students gathered around us in seconds and someone called for the ambulance, few minutes later they appear and took him on the stretcher and rushed him into the ambulance. I followed them with my school uniform full of blood. The ambulance rushed out of the school compound. I sat beside him in the ambulance crying as they gave him first aid.

Soon we arrived at the hospital and he was taken out of the ambulance into the hospital. The doctor didn’t allow me to follow them into the operating room, so I stood outside shaking in fear while moving from one place to another”Who did this? Why is the person trying to hurt me”I thought to my self as tears rolled down my cheek. I saw Mick and Victor coming, they rushed to me looking at me as I cried uncontrollable. “What happened?”Vick asked me looking impatient. I looked at them with tears in my eyes”he’s like that because of me. What should we do? He will be OK right?”I said holding Mick. He looked at me and drew me closer”he will be ok. Stop crying”he said and hugged me.

Mia’s POV

After aiming to throw the flower pot at nicky from the third floor, Sammy protected her with his body there by making the flower pot hit him on his head instead. I quickly left the scene as I was shaking in fear for what I just did. I felt restless and scared to see Sammy hurt instead of her. I went inside the class thinking about what I just did out of jealousy. I hurt an innocent person because of me greed and hatred.

I went outside the classroom and stood among the students, I saw his cloth messed with blood and nicky crying beside him. I covered my mouth with both hand as I saw the blood stains. I quickly brought out my phone and called the ambulance with my body trembling seriously like someone that just committed suicide. Soon the ambulance came in and rushed him on a stretcher into the ambulance.

Nicky’s POV

The doctor came to us and told us he will be fine but he needs sometime to rest now.”you guys have to go now and leave him to rest, maybe you should come back later”the doctor said and went. “We should go for now”Victor said. I looked at the room he was in and felt sorry for him. “Let’s go nicky, you should change you cloth, it all messed up”Mick said looking at my body. I looked down at myself and moved to leave looking sad. We left the hospital and I went back home, not able to go to school that day. Victor and Mick went back to school and promised to check on him when the school close. I got home and took off my uniform to wash up,after washing up I put on another dress and sat on my bed. I felt really disturbed as I think about the incident. Who did it? Why did the person do it? I thought to myself. I only suspected one person and that’s mia. But she can’t go as far as this.

I slept off at last after thinking a lot of things in my head. I woke up around 5pm in the evening. I quickly stood up from my bed and left for the hospital to check on sammy.

Mia’s POV

I felt guilty for what I did. As the whole school was talking about it. so I left the school and went to the hospital he was admitted into. I took a cab and told the driver my destination. Few minutes later we arrived at the hospital. I got down from the taxi and paid him the accurate money. I entered the hospital and went to a nurse at a center and asked of him from the nurse, but she refuse to let me see him. I begged her and told her I only want to check on him. After so much plead she finally took me to his room”you can’t wake him up, you only have five minutes to spend here”she said and went outside.

I looked at him as he la!d on the bed in the hospital wear, his head was wrapped round with bandage. I looked at him as he la!d unconscious on the bed. “Am sorry, I don’t mean to do this to you,I hope you can forgive me”I said with tears almost dropping from my eyes. I stood there for a while looking at him,as he la!d there unconscious. then I finally set to go, I turned back to open the door when I heard him saying something”why did you do that? Do you hate her that much?”he said in a weak tone. I stood there in surprise not able to look back at him.

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