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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 15
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Nicky’s POV

Why will she go to the school trip because of someone?. Am I the reason she is going?. I was thinking withing myself, before mary distracted me.”We should go”mary said giving me her puppy look.”ok we should go”I said and smiled at her. “I don’t think senior Mick will go to the school trip this time also”I heard Linda saying to her friends”That right, senior Mick never attend the school trip”mary said looking at me. “Why?”I asked her wondering why he doesn’t attend. “I don’t know”mary said packing her books into her bag. Soon the bell was rang for closing. Mary picked her bag and hung it at her back. “Let’s go”she said preparing to move out of the class.

After closing, mary and I were walking towards the gate, when we saw Mick, Sammy and vick also coming our direction. They stopped in front of us”bye guys”Victor said heading toward his car. “See you tomorrow” Sammy said tapping my shoulder playfully”alright bye”I said waving at him. “Let’s go” Mick said looking at me. I looked at mary and don’t want to leave her to go home alone. “Its ok you can come with her and let me drop you home”mick said looking at mary. Mary looked at me a smiled”go on, I will go alone since we aren’t going the same direction.”she said and left waving at me. I looked back at Mick and cleared my throat”were are we going to?”I asked not looking at him. “Home of course, I will drop you at home”he said. “Ok let’s go”I said and we left. We went towards his car and he opened the car door for me like a princess charming, I entered and he turn round to sit in driver’s seat. He drove out of the school compound. Soon we were on the high way. I looked at him wondering if he will go to the school trip or not.”are you guys going?”I asked. “Where?”he asked concentrating on driving. “I mean the school trip”I said looking at him. He sq££zed his face a little”am not, I haven’t been to the school trip once”he said looking at me and diverted his attention back to the road. “Why?”I asked looking at him. “Because I don’t like it, it so childish to me”he said. I looked at him and rolled my eyes. “What of you?”he asked not looking at me. “Am going because of mary”I replied. “Ok”he said briefly and turned into our street. He packed by our gate and I got down from his car waving at him. “Bye I will call you when I get home”he said demonstrating with his hand. I waved at him as he drove off. I turned to open the gate and I saw my mum at the entrance looking at me”who is that?”my mum asked stretching her neck forward. “my friend”I said as I entered and close the gate behind us. She looked at me and cleared her throat”your boyfriend”my mum asked moving toward the house. “No how can he be”I said trying to confuse her. She looked at me and smiled as we both went inside.


I went to school early and went to my locker to drop my bag. I went out walking down to to the library to drop some books. I saw Sammy coming from the library holding a book in his hand”hey”I called as I got to him. He looked at me and smiled”you like studying don’t you”I said looking at the booking in his hand. “Not that really”he said looking up.”it’s good to study,every serious students have to study to have good grades in school”I said. “You’re right, it good to study”he replied looking at the books I was holding. His expression changed as he looked up as if he saw a ghost, he quickly moved to my side and pushed me forward throwing his body as I fell to the ground,i heard a glass smash as he was still covering me with his body. I raised my head slowly shaking in fear. I looked at Sammy as he lifts up his head looking me”are you ok?”he asked with concern in his voice. I looked up to the third flower which the flower vase came from but didn’t see anyone there. I looked back at Sammy”am ok and you”I asked still shaking in fear. He held my shoulders with both hands”thank God you are not hurt”he said as he closed his eyes slowly. He collapse on my shoulder, I looked at the back of his head and saw blood stains. “Oh my God!”I screamed in shock covering my mouth with both hands.”Sa…m….my wake up! Sammy what’s wrong?!”I said with tears in my eyes.”is anyone there? Please help us!!. I cried shaking his body roughly.

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