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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 14
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“Yes I heard a lot about you from my friends”
I replied smiling. He stared at me briefly”ok nice meeting you”he said looking at me. “Do you like the school?”his mum Asked me. I smiled and replied”yes I love it”I told her. “I hope you two get along well”his mom said smiling. “I need to do something inside”He said as he looked at his mom and left the living room. I stared at him admiringly as he left.

Mick’s POV
I went to my room and changed into my night wear. I took my phone and la!d on the sofa. I called nicky’s number and she picked immediately like she was expecting my call. “Hello my angel”I said holding the phone to my ear. “Did you got home safely?”she asked. “Yes dear” I replied smiling. We talked on the phone for so long before sleeping.


Nicky’s POV

We were on break,some students are seen outside roaming about the school compound, while some were playing football on the field. Mary and I were walking on the field. I saw Sammy and Victor with some guys on the field. Mary saw vick and quickly adjust her dress properly and faced me”am I OK this way?”she said adjusting her dress to impress Victor. I looked at her and rolled my eye”you look ugly”I said frowning my face.”hey come on am the most beautiful girl in Bremen high”she said with pride. “Tck tck tck Beautiful indeed”I said shaking my head. We were still whining when Victor and Sammy came to us. Mary was facing me with her back turned on them. “I know when he see me, he drool over me”mary said smiling. “Who are you guys talking about?”vick asked when he got to us. “senior Victor of course”mary said not knowing vick was standing at her back. She turned back to see the person asking question. She turned back to me slowly feeling embarrassed. Vick moved closer to her looking at her closely as he wrapped his arms together. “I don’t like ugly girls”he said looking at her. Me and Sammy laughed quietly. “Hy nicky”Sammy greeted. “Hy”I replied. Mary looked at me “am going to the class”mary said walking away as she she placed her two hands on her cheek. “What a weird girl”Victor said as she went. I called her name as she went”mary!mary!!” But she didn’t look back. I looked at Sammy and Victor”See you guys later”I said as I ran after her. I caught up with her and held her hand. She turned to look at me”is it true am ugly?”she asked me looking sad. I looked at her and smiled”I think his eyes were just for decorations to call you an ugly girl, you’re the most beautiful girl in this school”I said smiling. She looked at me and smiled as we both went on.

We were about to enter the class when we saw a poster placed on the wall. “Oh we are going on a school trip”mary said feeling excited. “We have to go,trust me it’s gonna be fun”mary said looking excited.

We both went inside the classroom, and sat down on our seats. I saw mia and her friends discussing. “Are you going for the school trip?”I heard Linda asked mia. “Yes of course, I heard it’s for both juniors and seniors” mia said. “I have to go because of someone”she added looking at my direction. I rolled my eyes and faced Mary.

Mia’s POV

I have to go to the school trip of course, if nicky and Mick are also going.

Its enough playing around now, I have to make him mine completely, you just wait and see as I destroy you(nicky) slowly. I thought to myself.

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