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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Nicky’s POV

“Where are we going to”
I asked him after few minute of driving. He smiled as he turned to a Chinese restaurant, he stopped the car And went out as he removed the key, he turned around and opened the car door for me and I stepped out like a princess. He took my hand as we walked Into the restaurant. He placed an Oder on the menu. The food was brought to our table few minutes later.

We finished eating and he paid with his card. We left for the car and headed to another place. He brought me to a park. We played, laugh and took pictures together. After having so much fun, we left for home around 7:pm in the evening.

He dropped me in front of our gate. We we’re both standing in front of our gate, holding hands”bye good night”he said still holding me. I lean in and stood up on my toes as I kissed his cheek. He drew me closer and kissed my lips. He released me and smiled”go”he said still holding my hand not letting it go. “Am going”I said trying to move forward to the gate. He held my hand again”I said you should go in already”he said laughing not leaving my hand.”how do you expect me to go, when you are still holding me?”I said smiling. He released my hand slowly and hugged me tight. I went inside and he Watch me till I closed the gate.

Mick’s POV

She was still standing before me and am missing her already,I wish we could be together more longer. I hugged her tightly and released her to go finally. I watched her until she disappeared from my sight.

I went home and found my mum and two guess sitting in the living room laughing and discissing. A woman around the age of my mum, probably her friend and A girl sitting beside her. My mum saw me coming and stood up to hug me.”my sweety”she said and released me. “Where Are you coming from?”she asked looking at me. “I was hanging out with Sammy and vick”I lied to her. I looked at the guest wondering who they are”Here is my childhood friend Liza, and her daughter mia”my mum said Introducing them to me. “I heard mia attends your school, do you know her?”she asked me. I looked at the girl and it doesn’t seem av seen her before.

Mia’s POV

We arrived at my mum’s friend house, the place was nice. When she opened the door to the building, I saw a family picture hung on the wall in the living room And I saw Mike in the picture. “Why is he in that family picture? Is this his house?”I thought to my self as we entered the building. We sat on the coach and Mrs Samuel(Mick’s mum) went to bring us some refreshment. They were both discussing about this and that. Few minute later someone came in, I raised up my head to see Mick. Mrs Samuel went to hug him introducing us to him.

So this is Mick’s house. I sat there looking at him in surprise. “Don’t you know each other in school?”his mom asked looking at me”hy Mick”I greeted him. On hearing his name, he looked at me”Do you know me?”he asked looking at me.

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