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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 12
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I watch her as she went away”who is she?”Sammy asked looking at me.”she is no one”i said turning to leave. He held me back holding my hand”I want to tell you to have coffee with me, I feel lonely”he said still holding me. I looked at him then look then away. “Am not in the mood”I said not looking at him. “Please just this once”he said showing his cute side. I looked at him and smiled”ok let’s go”I said smiling. We left for the school cafeteria.

We both sat beside each other, holding a cup of coffee”what mia said earlier about Mick and I…”

“I know”
he cuts in. I looked at him as he drank from his cup. He brought down the cup, holding it in his hand. He look at me putting on a serious face”mick is a lucky guy, I planned to confess to you before him, but I think am a bit late”he said looking at me. I stared at him in surprise with my mouth hung open. He stared away smiling”It was a joke”he said smiling at me as he drew my cheek playfully. I quickly close my mouth and looked inside my cup. We drank the remaining coffee in silence.

Sammy’s POV

I confessed my feelings for her but seeing the expression on her face, I told her I was only joking knowing that is how I really felt about her. We drank the remaining coffee in silence not saying a single word. After the coffee, I stood up to go”I think I should join Mick and vick in class”I said standing up. “Alright take care”she replied smiling. I left and went toward the field. “I like her more than a friend, I plan to confess to her but when did the two get so close?”many thought was running in my head as I walked on the field.


Nicky’s POV

I woke up early in the morning and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. My phone was ringing inside, I left the bathroom with brush in my hand. I pick my phone on the bed,to see the person calling, I saw Mick’s name and I picked it holding it to my ear. “Hello”I said as I sit on the sofa. “How was your night?”he asked. “Great”I replied. “I will come and pick you in one hour to this time”he said. “Alright”I said standing up from the sofa. “Bye”he said and hang up the phone. I quickly dropped my phone and went back to the bathroom. I took my shower and came back to the room with towel tied around my chest. I opened my wardrobe and bring out the beautiful gown my mum bought for me on my birthday. After some minute I was dressed in my gown. The blue flowered gown was above my kneel,my hair was tied in ponytail. I put on a pink baby shoe, and put my phone into my purse as I left my room and went to the living room to found my mum and ken, my little brother. They both looked at me from head to toe as I walked towards them”are you going on date with your boyfriend?”ken asked looking at me wieldy. I gave him a naughty look and walked to my mum”mum am going out”I said looking at her. She looked at me suspiciously”with who?”she asked looking at me.”with my friend in school”I said thinking she won’t allow me. She looked at me for a while”ok don’t come back late”she said looking away. “Alright mom”I said pecking her cheek. I left for the gate.

Mick’s POV

I dressed most handsomely and waited in my red Camry,for her to come outside. A call came in and I picked it, it’s my mum. I hold my phone to my ear. “Hello mum”I said. “Hi dear, I will be coming home early with two guests today”she said with excitement in her voice. “Alright mum”I replied. And she hung the phone. I was still holding my phone when I saw Nicky coming out of their house. I was so carried away by her beauty, the gown she was putting on looks too perfect on her. She looks more beautiful than ever. I was so carried away I didn’t know when my phone fell from my hand.

I opened the Car door and walked to her, she saw me and smiled as I got closer”you’re looking cool”she said in her angelic voice. “You look beautiful”I said looking at her. “Let’s go”he said holding my hand. We got to the car and I opened the front door for her and she Gets in. I closed the door and turned round to sit on driver’s seat. I start the engine and drove off.

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