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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 11
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He pressed his lips on mine, I opened my mouth and he pushed his tongue in. Our tongue tangled together kissing passionately. I can taste the sweetness of the coffee from earlier in his mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck hugging him tight, as we kissed. He pushed me to the wall kissing my neck down, He moved his hand under my tan top trying to pull it off. I broke the kiss holding his hand and moved it back down to my waist.”we can’t do this”I said looking straight into his eye. “Why”he asked looking at me for reply. “We cant”I said not looking at him “ok I understand” he said hugging me tight. He released me and hold my two hands”I love you nicky”he said looking straight into my eyes. The statement hits me by the heart as I stared at him for a while not able to make a sound. the hottest guy in my school, just confessed to me. Someone the girls are dying to have beside them just confessed his love for me. I thought to my self still looking at him in surprise. “I fell for you without realizing it”he said looking serious still holding my hands. “I promise I will never hurt you. he added rubbing my hands.I also love him so much I admit that to myself. I thought it was one sided love,I don’t know he also have the same feelings as mine.”I love you too”I said looking up at him. He hugged me tightly and I wrapped my arms around his waist.


I went home with my bicycle, he already fixed the breaks. I opened the gate and went inside. I opened the door to my brother’s room gently and found him busy with his phone. So I closed it gently and went straight into my room. I collapsed on the sofa, facing the ceiling. I remembered the kiss and Mick’s confession back in their house, and I smiled to myself kicking my legs on the sofa happily.

At school….

We just finished our paper and most students has went out of the class. Mary and I stood by the window in the class chatting. Mia, Linda and Susan we’re seating with some girls laughing and discussing. “Let’s go out and get some food am starving”i said to mary as I picked my phone from my pocket.”ok let me pick my wallet”marry said opening her locker. Mia and her friends stood up to go out, mia came to my side and purposely bumped into me, making my phone fell to the ground. “Oops sorry”she said smiling. I picked it up and the screen was broken. I was boiling in anger as she tried to move out of the class as if nothing has happened. I wanted to drag her back but someone stopped me by called my name from outside. “Nicky”I heard Mick’s voice as some girls were screaming behind him. He came in and stood in front of me looking at me like he’s gonna snatch me away”would you like to go on date with me?”he asked me in front of everyone. “Ooooooh”everyone shouted. I stared at him for a while not replying. I looked at marry who is now smiling brightly giving me sign to say yes. I looked at Mick and replied him”yes I will”I said almost blushing. He grabbed me by the hand and faced mary”can I borrow your friend for a while?”he asked. “Yes you can”mary said smiling. He took me with him,I looked back at my friend and she shook her head positively.

He took me outside the class, as I walked beside him”why do you do that”I asked him as we walked on. “To show everyone you’re mine, so no guy should dare flirt with you if he doesn’t want me to break his ribs”he said holding my hand tightly. I looked up at him and smiled.


I was sitting with Linda And her friends, when I saw Nicky and her friend mary talking, I told Linda we should go out and buy some snacks, which they obeyed as I planned to play around with nicky a little. I purposely bumped into her falling her hand phone. She glared at me in anger”oops sorry”I said and sets to go out. I saw mick coming towards me and I was happy to see him again as I stared at him admiring him as he moved closer. He passed beside me and went to nicky, he asked her to go on date with him which annoys me a lot”that wrench called nicky, how dare her stole my soul mate from me”I thought to myself looking at her angrily. “You are stepping on my toes,and I will destroy you totally”I thought to my self and walked out of the class angrily.

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