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melody of love - Season 1 - Episode 10
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mia’s POV

I stood there for a while, admiring him as he went on with his life friends. Then I saw Linda and Susan coming,they stopped in front of me”mia thank you for today”Linda said. “You’re welcome”I said still looking at the guy’s direction. “Who is that guy in blue Polo?”I asked Linda pointing at him. “Oh you mean senior Mick?”Susan said. “His name is Mike?”I asked? Looking at him. “Yes. He is the hottest guy in Bremen high school. All the girls are dying to have him”Linda said smiling brightly. “And his father owns the school”Susan added. I stared at him until he disappeared from my sight.

Nicky’s POV

I can’t take my eyes off him, as he went away. Mary was now looking at me in confusion written all over her face. “What was he talking about”mary asked me looking serious. I told her we’ve moved from our old house and relocated to a new place. And we are now living in the same street. And I also told her about the accident. “So When should i visit your new house?”mary asked smiling. “I will give you the address, and you can come anytime”I replied. And we went into the class.

At home…..

I came back from school and arrived at home I opened the door, And saw my brother in the living room playing game on his phone with his uniform on. I closed the door behind me and moved closer to him”hey won’t you off your school uniform?”I said snatching the phone from him. “Give it back”he yelled as he stood up from the coach jumping up to take it back from me. I pushed his forehead with my finger and he landed back on the coach”I won’t give it to you until you take off your uniform”I said taking it along with me to my room. He hissed and ran off to his room to change his uniform. I entered my room and sat on the sofa. I pulled my bag from my back and dropped it beside my bed, I searched into my drawer to look for the birthday invitation card given to me by sammy for me to check the address written on it. because av forgotten the direction that leads to mick’s house. I found it in the purse i took to his party and picked it,i dropped it on the sofa. I took off my school uniform and went for a cold shower in the bathroom. After some minutes, i was dressed in my casual wears. I wore a tight deep blue jean, with a pink tan top. I wrote down the address in a small note and slipped it into my Jean pocket. I picked up my phone and set to go out. I went to my brother’s room and he was fast asleep,my mum left for work. I dropped his phone by his side and went out closing the door behind me.

I walked down the street holding the note in my hand as I looked around for the number of the flat. After some minutes I got to their flat. I pressed the button by the gate. And stood in front of it, soon a girl came to open it. She would be around the age of my little brother. “Who are you?”she asked looking at me weirdly. “Is Mick around?”I asked her. Then she looked back and then stared back at me”are you his girlfriend”she asked looking at me awkwardly.”am…no..” Some one cuts in”Yes she is. So, let her in already”I heard Mick’s voice behind her. He opened the gate and I entered. “Don’t mind my sister”he said smiling. “Would you like to come in for some coffee?”he asked stretching his hand toward the building. “Ok Thanks”I replied shyly. He lead the way and I followed behind him. I looked round the compound and remember when we first came for his birthday party. He got to the entrance of the building and opened it. I followed him in as I looked around their living room, it was two times bigger than our own. Everything was set neatly and it was painted cream colour with makes it more brighter. A family picture was hung up in the fronts of the living room. He took the TV remote and switched it on”let me make some coffee”he said as he headed towards their kitchen. His little sister came holding a book in her hand. She sat beside me on the coach as she opened the book and start writing something on it. She was doing assignment I guess. She stopped writing biting her pen seriously. I peeped into her book and see that she was solving mathematics. She looked up at me and caught my eyes, she then moved closer stretching the book to me”can you help me with this?”she asked looking at me. I took the book from her and looked at the questions given to her. I was explaining to her how to solve it, then Mick came in with two cups. He sat beside me and handed a cup to me. He sipped from his as I placed mine on the center table concentrating on his sister’s assignment. After finishing her assignments she went on inside with her book, leaving Mick and I alone in the living room. I picked my coffee from the table and sipped it. I brought down the cup from my lips and hold it in my hand. “Do you guys live here alone?”I asked curiously. He looked at me and smiled”no. my parents use to come home every weekend due to business”he said and sipped from his cup again. “Ok but it’s not different from you guys living alone”I said. His phone rings, and picked it from the center table”excuse me”he said as he stood up holding the phone to his ear. I stood up and went towards his sister’s room and knocked on it, she opened it”please I can I use the bathroom for a minute”I said looking at her as she was peeping from inside. “That way”she said pointing forward. “Ok thanks”I said and she closed the door. I went on and I saw two doors one by the left corner and one by the right. I went to the left corner and opened the door. I entered the room and looked around it. “Is this Mick’s room”I said as I looked around the room. Everything was set neatly. I saw a picture of Sammy, Victor and Mick when they we’re still small. placed on the shelf by the bed.

Mick’s POV

I went to picked the call and came back to the living room, but I can’t find her there so I went to my sister’s room and saw her fast asleep. I went out of her room and went to my room. I opened the door and found her there holding something,in her hand, though I can only see her back view which showed her sexy curves. I closed the door behind me which drew her attention and she turned back holding the picture frame of Sammy, Victor and i. She placed it back on the shelf immediately she saw me. “I think I lost my way”she said looking at me. I moved closer to the shelf and placed the frame well for it not to fall. “You guys looks cute in that picture especially Sammy”she said smiling brightly.”yes that was when were still little” I said placing it properly. “But now he is more cuter”she said again. I moved closer to her”cuter than I?”I asked her but she looked into my eyes and stood froze.

Nicky’s POV

I know he is more cuter and hotter than Sammy. I was just teasing him about that. He moved closer to me, just leaving a little spacing between us. My heart started beating fast as I stood there not able to answer him. My heart was racing seriously as I feel like he can hear it also. He moved closer again placing one of his hand on the wall as he moved his face to mine”wh….at… are…”i stammered. He smiled moving closer to my face. I closed my eyes expecting him to kiss me, but He pecked me on my forehead and looked into my eyes “you are more cuter”he said smiling. I was blushing seriously, feeling embarrassed. “What should I do? I thought to my self with my cheek burning. His face was still close to mine. So I stood up on my toes and give him a Peck on his lips. I think av lost my mind for what I just did. i quickly moved my lips from his. I looked into his eye as he looked surprise. He smiled and making me feel more embarrassed. “Am…sorrr….”I didn’t finish the statement before he drew me closer to his body holding me by the waist. He moved his face slowly to mine. “Is gonna kiss me?” I thought to my self as his lips almost crushing on mine.

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