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Me And Abimbola - Season 5 - Episode 10
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Desmond: bukky do you know them…

Me:( surprised and silent)
Ttech ? silent)

AY: ( stood up)

Bukky: No..

Ttech: rely what happened?

Me: silent and staring at them..

AY: rely talk to us nah please…

Me: silent

Ttech: bro what is it, why did you shout like that. I no that it wasn’t just ordinary.

Me: (tears running down my chicks)

Ttech: this is serious, rely please tell me, what is it.

Me: bukola is dead!

Ttech: ( collected the phone from me)

AY: bukola that just saved us few days ago.

Me:( with tears) yes. Desmond and his gang has killed her. She died because of us. She sacrificed her life because of d--k head like us. She died so we can live. God, bulky is dead..


Me: I wan reach market now, I wan go collect my sim card. I gave it to those mtn guys to help me retrieve my old line. That line I lost during our encounter with Desmond and his men.

Ttech: lets go together



glancing at the other compound through my glass window. The weather was so cold and it looks as if the heaven was going to cry. What can I do rather than stare around through my window. Behind me was my on kept bed and my cloths scattered around my bed. My phone and Stella’s picture was lying on my bed silently, it seems I was disappointed on Bblondon. anyway, I have nothing to lose.” I muttered”

It has been months Stella left the country, I have been in serious pains because I missed her. She was the person i really loved and I wasn’t ready to miss her for just a day. Abimbola is no more in my life, I have counted Bblondon out of my life and so many other girls but Stella, I can’t do with out her. I kept thinking about her all day and night, thinking that I might see her the next hour or day but I was just dreaming, she was not coming. She is gone and I have to accept that. I kept starring at her picture on my bed, she is so cute, I never had sex with her like I did with other girls because I really loved her, all my thought was to have all round and styles of sex when I get married with her. But now she is out of my reach.

It is almost a year Stella left me, and almost three months Bblondon has proposed her marriage idea to me. Yes i accepted because of all the money Bblondon promised to spend and make our life better. I haven’t received alert of any kind of money according to what Bblondon said. Though my master planner Ttech had another plan which was to collect all her money and blackmail her. I agreed with Ttech initially, later I had a change of mind on Ttech point of view which cause a huge distance between me and Ttech.

I felt I was so stupid for not following Ttech idea any longer, after all, Bblondon offer was not a legal one. I was totally confused but I have to take a decision on my own, after all, it was Ttech advice that previously brought Bblondon anger towards me. Now I don’t want another mistake again. I think is time to cut anything between me and Bblondon off. I have to focus on my life and forget about Bblondon.

I was busy thinking of the way forward when my message tone beeped. I walked straight to my bed where my phone was lying, I picked my phone to check the message. I was really shocked when I saw a bank alart message of #453,000. I was not really sure if I was seeing so well because since I was born that type of money has not encroach into my account. I had to take my ATM and rush down to nearby ATM gallery to confirm the money. Truly the alert was real and it was from Bblondon.
Immediately the thought of cutting Bblondon off my life erased from my medulla. I picked my phone immediately to put her on call.

Me: hello baby

Bb; did you see the alert?

Me: yes, I did. That is a very huge amount of money.

Bb: don’t worry, I will still send money, just keep your self prepared because we are living very soon.

Me:( I thought of calling Ttech back but I have to let Ttech go ) okay baby,

Bb: I’m working on our visa and international passport, if they should be read by tomorrow, that means we are leaving next month.

Me: ( still confused on the action I’m taking) okay baby.

The call ended.

My mind wasn’t at rest, I knew quit alright that I’m taking a big risk, but this life is full of risk. Bblondon is already married, now I want to take her away from her husband, what if her husband comes to no about all this plan.

Me:( ” rely you need to back off)

Me: (” no nothing will happen, after all we will leave this country,)

Me: (but what about my people, what will I tell them, will I just leave them?)

Me: ( who people help, forget people and find your destiny first)

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My conscience kept on fighting for the right thing to do. The good spirit and the bad spirit, I have to chose one. I made up my mind to Mary Bblondon since I can’t reach Stella whom I love again. AY doesn’t no about all this because I didn’t disclose it to him. I only told Ttech about it which he postulated his own idea that I drop and chose to do it my own way. Doing it my own way was what cause the problem between me and Ttech. We never called each other on phone or seen each other for months now. I have not talked to AY because he wasn’t around. It is me and me alone now. I had to face my challenges alone.

After my decision to move far away with Bblondon, I decided to make my self some breakfast. I was boiling water to make my tea when I heard a knock on the door. I wasn’t expecting anyone. Who else will I expect apart from my master planners. So I was curious to no who was on the door.

I went down stairs to open the door. I saw one strange man dressed on white shirt and black trouser standing in front of my door.

Man: good morning, my name is Emmanuel

Me: okay how may I help you sir?

Emmanuel: please I’m looking for someone by the name RELY. I was directed to this place.

Me: (more curious now ) yes, I’m the one, hope all is well?

Emmanuel: you really look small as I thought. I’m an evangelist, God sent me to you.

Me: really, what happened?

Emmanuel: I saw you in my dream last night standing in the middle of dead bodies, you was looking for a way out but you seem not to get the right path. I was coming towards you when one of the dead body raised and grabbed your hand, before I can get to you, both of you vanished.

Me;( scared with the thought of Bblondon coming into my mind, chai, Bblondon at work )

Emmanuel: please be careful with whatever you are doing, I don’t know why God revealed this to me. Good day .

I was busy watching this man as he walk out of my presence without altering a word. I was already scared to the toe.

Me: ( holding my cup of tea) what type of dream is this?

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