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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 8
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I have a, lot of dreams as well and a married life with Brian is like a major set back to everything. yes he’s rich and influential but I don’t want a guy like him.

What would I do now?

I arrived at the hospital and quickly rushed in to meet mom. She was already crying when I got in.

“what’s going on?” I ask
“We would loose dad any minute if we don’t act fast.” Ben told me
“just sign the papers and I’ll see to your dad’s surgery. nothing will happen to him if I just make one quick phone call” Brian’s words kept playing over and over in my head.
“Ben can I talk to you?” i say and he nods. he stood up and we walked a bit further from mom.

“what’s up Ciara”
“well… ” I started off telling him about Brian and everything he said to me
“I don’t know what to do. I’m so confused” I say crying more
“Ciara it’s okay” he patted me lightly on my shoulders
“What?” mom yelled startling us.
“mom i.. ”
“so you don’t want to help your father Ciara. after everything he’s done for you? it’s just an harmless marriage and you can’t take a risk to save your dad?”
“Mom there’s more to it than that” I say trying to defend myself
“we took you in and gave you a place to call home and you don’t want to help even when you have the chance to? you’re just gonna let your dad die?”
“mom please hear Ciara out… ”
“one more word from you and you’re gonna loose it” she threatens
“I regret the day that I adopted you”
“mom” I said as the tears fell freely from my eyes.
“We should’ve left you to rot Ciara. I hate you so much” she said and walked away.

I fell to the floor crying my eyes out.
Ben was trying to console me but it wasn’t working.

I felt betrayed by the person I called my mother.
I stood up and walked outside.
what will I do now?
I sat down close to a sign post. as the cool evening breeze blew across my face. my face was already wet and sticky.

I was lost in my thoughts thinking of the possibility of a marriage with Brian and my dreams I’ve set up for myself.
what would happen after I get married to Brian.

What would I do after that.
“Miss, are you okay?” someone said disrupting my thoughts. I ignored and stood up and made my way home.
once I arrived, I fell on my wooden bed. I sat down for hours thinking of what I’ve just gotten myself into.

on one hand is Brian and on the other hand my family. I have a duty and responsibility towards them.

I guess this was one of those times doing the things your heart may regret.
After all a marriage with Brian won’t be as worst as anything I’ve ever felt in this house so far.

I quickly stood up and got into a cab to Brian’s place.

I was quickly directed to meet him.
immediately I got in, he said “you’re very desperate. it’s not even up to five hours yet. looks like I won” he said but I didn’t respond

I quickly walked up to his table and picked up the file and signed it.
“I accept your conditions. I will marry you. you have my word so please save my father”
“Excellent choice Ciara” he said and picked up his cell phone to make a call.
when he, was done, I quickly walked out of his office and went straight to the hospital…

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