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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 7
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“You’re Brian?” I ask.
I need a mental check.
“what can I get you? water or probably mud?” he asked and I felt weak all of a sudden. he flipped through some papers then stood up and slowly walked up to me.
Alright now I’m scared.
“don’t worry, I won’t hurt you” he said as if reading my thoughts. “I should be mad at you but I must confess that you’re indeed very beautiful” he placed his hand on my cheeks but I yanked it away.
Now I know why that man asked if I was his side chick or girlfriend. it’s crystal clear. Brian is a flirt. a huge one.

d--n the nerves of this guy. who the f--k does he think he is to touch me in such manner?
I should really be feeling bad for what I did to him at dad’s workshop but looking at him now, I don’t regret anything. he deserves worse than that. I just hope he listens to what I have to say.

“So Ciara. nice name” he said and held my hand. he spun me round and I ended up on him. I quickly pushed him away once I regained my balance.
“please stop all this”
“what’s that? you can actually talk politely. have you forgotten what you told me. I’ll quote” my parents didn’t teach me proper manners before letting a stray dog like me wander from home” so why are you talking to a stray dog?” he asked but I gulped and remained silent.
“please I’ll be having a meeting very soon so… ” he said glancing at his watch and back at me

“I need your help”
“that’s a shocker” he mutters
“I was told to come here. my dad was involved in an accident and someone said that you can help me” I said but he rolled his eyes in an awkward manner.

“Sorry I can’t help. tough luck” he said going back but to his chair but held his arm and said
“please. you’re my last hope. I don’t want to loose my father, he’s all I’ve got” I said almost breaking down.
“you mean your father who ruined my car and had you insult me?” he said searching my eyes for an answer.
“it wasn’t his fault. I said everything. he even scolded me because of it. please don’t you have a little bit of conscience?” I asked and I immediately thought of what I just said.
“I could help but what do I get in return?” he asked
“I don’t understand. they said you guys always help those who needs it. no one said anything about paying back” I tell him
“yours is a little different. cause you literally embarrassed me and I want to do the same to you as well” he tells me making my breath hitch
“but…” I started off
“you can leave once you’re done.” he tells me
“please. I’ll do anything” I say making him stop on his tracks. he turned to face me
“Anything?” he asked. I noticed a smirk on his lips

“yes anything”
“Sex?” he said and my eyes flew open “no you’re way to cultured for that. I need to enjoy the game and make you pay for everything you did to me that night” he said and I gasps
he walked up to me and slowly brought his face mine.
“let’s play a little game” he said in a whisper and walked back to his chair. he opened his cabinet and brought out some papers and threw it on the table.
“you can read that” he said and I picked it up.
I went through the paper which said if I can’t pay up the money in less than three weeks, I’ll have to get married to him ” I looked at him and he was smiling
“I think you’re going insane. you’re practically loosing it. you think marriage is, game? it’s a sacred bond between two people who wants to spend the rest of their lives together. how dare you?” I yell
“calm down Ciara. I told you you would pay and it seems like the universe is in my favour. ” he stood up and walked to me. he went behind my back and whispered “I have you where I want you Ciara. there’s nothing you can do about it”
“Actually there is. I will never get married to the likes of you. you’re insane to think that I would agree to this. you’ve lost it.” I said in anger.

“Actually you’ve lost it. you’ll loose it very soon and do you know what it is? your precious little father. I have it all but you have nothing” he tells me and I felt the tears build up.

“just sign the papers and I’ll see to your father’s surgery. nothing will happen if I just make one quick phone call” he said
“never. I will never marry you. you’ve met the wrong person” I said and was about to pull the door knob when he said
“Let’s make a bet. in less than 24 hours. Ciara Smith would come walking right into my office to sign those papers” he said and I scoffed
“in your dreams” I said and rushed out.
I took a cab and went straight to the hospital.
I tried to fight back the tears already forming around the corner of my eyes but it failed me so I just let it pour.

How can I marry him? a guy who has no idea what marriage and love is all about.
I know he wants to punish me for what happened that day by locking me up with him for eternity but I can’t let that happen. I have a lot of things I want to achieve.

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