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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 47
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We drive was almost a thirty minutes one before Brian pulled up in front of a Chinese restaurant. Sauta Voche. we walked in hand in hand and went up straight to the counter.
“Aren’t we supposed to sit down and order” I ask but he shook his head NO.
“we’re not eating here” he tells me and I nod.

we were about to order before his phone rang. He held up the screen to see the caller. I noticed immediately that his face suddenly became pale like someone who’s fallen ill.
“Are you okay?” I ask not sure of what happened

“Yeah I am. here’s my credit card. order what you’ll like and make the payment” he says handing it to me
“I’m sorry but I can’t use your card” I protest

“You’re my wife Ciara and whatever belongs to me, belongs to you and the many kids we’ll have in the future so stop being stubborn Mrs Salter and have it” he says but this time placing it on my palm.
His phone rang again.

“I’ll just take this call okay” he says and walks outside.

I bought the food and had it wrapped up.
I paid with his credit card and took the meal.
“Enjoy your meal ma’am”
“Thanks” I say and walked out. I opened the door only to see Brian yelling on the phone.

“I told you. I don’t want to see you anymore. I’m on a honeymoon with my wife okay”

who was Brian talking to?
I walked up to him and touched his arm. he flinched like someone who’s seen a ghost. he immediately switched off his phone.
“Are you okay?” I ask

“Yeah I’m fine”
“tell me. who were you talking to on the phone?”

“No one. just work related. so I guess you’ve ordered” he said trying to change the subject.
I nod.

“come on let’s go’ he said taking my hand in his. he smiled and I returned it. we entered the car and he started the engines and drove out of the restaurant. the drive was slow and steady. but I couldn’t help but think of what happened at the restaurant.

why was he in such a bad mood earlier? why would he yell so loud on the phone and to whom?

was it probably Janelle?

No, I don’t think so. she and Brian hadn’t been in contact with each other since we got here.

I don’t know why I’m stressing myself over this.

“Ciara you do trust me right”
I heard Brian’s voice and quickly snapped out of my wild thoughts. I turned to face him.
I nod “yes I do”
he smile and held my hand while the other one was steering.

“I’m hungry” he tells me
“that’s why I said we should eat at the restaurant”

“I wanted you to feed me and I know that you won’t do it with many people watching at the restaurant and that’s why we didn’t eat at the restaurant” he explains
“Alright” I say opening up the ice cream and burger. I placed it on his lip and he took a bite.

I cleaned his mouth with the serviette while he continued driving.

He drove to the park and we sat down on one of the benches.

“Remember the first time you fed me burger?” he asked and my mind played back to when I was drunk in that car with him.
“Shut up” I hit his shoulder playfully
“I swear, you are worse than a wrestler when you are drunk.” he says causing me to laugh.

“I can be very persuasive”
“Yeah we know but… ” he paused staring at me “that was actually the first time you kissed me”

“Oh Brian” I say covering my face with my palm.

I was beyond embarrassed.
“Are you shy?” he ask “Come on Ciara, look at me. there’s no one around.” he tells me “I want my wife to look at me”
I raised up my face to meet his slowly.
“when did you notice that you’ve started having feelings for me” I ask
not sure why I did but I just wanted to know.
“Since the first day I met you” he said sincerely

“The first day? how? when?”
“You stood up to me. not everyone can do that. you criticized my upbringing. threw mud on my car and called me a stray dog”
I flushed
“sorry” I muttered
“but that wasn’t the first day I saw you” he said staring at me. I was a bit confused.
“Actually I’ve seen you countless times. but I just wasn’t paying attention until that day” he said
“you’re crazy. you’ve been stalking me?”

“no. I just happen to see you that’s all”
I smile. crazy Brian
“Ciara” he says taking my hand in his “” I know I’ve not been a very good husband but I promise that I’ll make this work ”
“wrong Brian” I correct him “we will make it work. together”
He kissed my hand and I smile at him.
I was fighting the urge to kiss him so bad. breathe Ciara.

I just stare at him. the look was intense. I felt like he was reading my mind because he pulled my face closer to his. he took one look at me and said “I will only love you” before bringing his lips to meet mine. The kiss was wild and the butterflies in my stomach had somersaulted a million times.

He pulled apart after some minutes.
“I love you Ciara” he said trying to catch his breath

“I love you too Brian” I tell him. we sit down for almost an hour talking about stuff before the sky opened up his mouth to let his water pour on us.

We drove home after being drenched completely by the rain.

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