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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 44
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I met Brian outside after my stupid reverie.
why would I ever imagine that? me and Brian? kissing?

I shuddered at the thought of it. but it kinda felt good in my imagination. I mean Brian and I have kissed a lot of times. although it wasn’t intentional. And my mind played back to all the scenario that brought our lips together.

Like when I kissed him when I was drunk at that party.

And even when we kissed at his house when his parents invited us for dinner.
I smiled when the stupid thoughts filled my head.

“Ciara? Ciara??” Alex said waving her hands across my face.

“Are you okay. you’ve been smiling like a bride who’s excited about her honeymoon” she teases me and I gave a fake smile glancing at Brian.
“I just thought of something”
“you look great. has Brian told you how amazing you look in this dress?” she said in almost a whisper and I smiled cause my mind played back to when Brian zipped up my dress.

“He did didn’t he?” she said but I didn’t respond.

“Um” I cough “He didn’t”
“but you were smiling when I asked that question. I can tell that you’re lying. you know what Ciara. you can’t fool me” she finally said before walking up to meet Jake.

We finally went hiking together. it was mainly for couples like Alex and Jake who was crazily in love with each other and not for Brian and I who were always arguing or quarreling with each other. And besides Brian wasn’t paying any attention to me.
And it became worse when We were left alone cause Jake and Alex decided to take another route without us knowing.

“Where’s Alex and Jake” I ask no one in particular.

“Maybe covering more grounds. don’t worry we’ll meet them later for dinner” he replies and I nod. well at least he’s talking to me unlike before.

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