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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 43
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I had my bath and stood in front of the mirror to wear my clothes but then I had a problem with the zipper.

it was refusing to go up.

I tried tying my hair up but it was no use.
why now of all days?
F--k! I hate my life.

“Come on please just work” I said biting my lips in frustration.

just then, I felt a hand on my back. I looked at the mirror only to see Brian standing behind me trying to zip up my dress. a smile played on my lips. he wasn’t that angry with me at all.

“Thank you” I say when I felt him remove his hands.

He nods and walks away. he was tying his towel so I assumed that he just finished having his bath. he walked to the wardrobe, opened it and the next thing I saw was that he kept on throwing his things on the bed at the same time muttering things that I couldn’t understand.
“this one looks nice” I say but he clearly wasn’t paying attention.

he settled for a Plad T-shirt but one button was missing.
he wanted to take it off but I stopped him.
“wait, I’ll fix it” I say pulling a thread on the needle. I stood in front of him and fixed the button on his shirt perfectly.
“There all done. now you can fasten it” I say but I notice that he was just staring at me so I did it myself.

“I’ll wait for you outside” I say but he pulled me back to himself.
my breath hitched. they were coming in pants.
“This is what you do to me everytime Ciara” he tells me but I didn’t utter a single word. “if you don’t love me then why do you keep on coming close to me?”

“because I… ”
“just tell me Ciara, tell me. stop hiding your feelings from me” he yells
“Alright fine. yes. it’s true. I do love you Brian and it’s also true that I’m hiding my feelings away from you because I’m scared that you can never be mine” I said. my voice almost breaking.
“you don’t have to be scared Ciara cause I will never leave you. I promise” he says pulling me close for a hug and I reciprocated.
He brought my face to his and kissed me like his life depended on it. the kiss was hungry, wet and wild…
“Ciara” I hear my name and I open my eyes to see Brian in front of me.
“Um… i… I was just um… ”
“I don’t care. let’s go. they’re waiting for us” he says walking past me.
So it was all just my imagination?
F--k Ciara. you’re wasted!

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