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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 42
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I gently close the door to the bedroom and slump on the bed. what was he thinking saying all those things to me? I know I’m falling for him but I just can’t trust him. I don’t think he’ll ever remain faithful to me. He has been a flirt for the greater part of his life and I can’t deal with that right now.

Brian didn’t sleep on the bed that night, I knew cause each time I open my eyes, he’s spot was empty and I started to miss him even though I was a fool to admit it. the night was quite cold.

I woke up quite early and decided to have a glass of water from the Fridge.
I walked past the living room and my eyes caught Brian at the far end of the couch. he was shivering really bad.
what’s wrong with him? I wanted to ignore but my heart was in complete control of my entire body.

“Brian” I call but no response. I rushed to the room and grabbed the sheets from the bed. I quickly pulled it up on his body.
this is all my fault.

I guess I’m the reason why he’s like this.
I stood up to go but he held my hand so I had to stay right next to him.
“Don’t leave me Ciara” was all he kept on saying.

“shhh I’m right here” I said kissing his forehead as I la!d there, right next to him.

The couch was big enough two so I snuggled up right next to him. at that moment, I forgot all the hurtful things I said to him. I only just wanted to be right next to him. It’s crazy when your heart decides to fall in love isn’t it??.

I wake up the next morning but couldn’t find Brian next to me. where did he go?
I call walking into each room but he wasn’t there.

I finally heard his voice from outside. He was talking to Alex and Jake I guess.
“Hi” I say coming out to meet them. Brian gave me a look I didn’t understand.

“Hi honey” Alex says giving me a hug “we’ve missed you”
“where have you been? both of you?” Jake asks

“We’ve been around”
“So are you both ready for the hike trip?” Alex asks and I gave a slight nod.
“Great but we’ve decided to do it outside the house since Ciara is scared of the wild”
“Thanks a lot jake”
“So we’ll go camping in the woods and eat out here” Alex says and all these while, Brian never uttered a single word. was I that harsh?

“Alright. we’ll go get ready” Jake says and Alex follows. I turn to go inside only to notice that Brian has left without me.
I heaved and walked inside.
“Are you hungry?” I ask but no response “Is there anything you’d like to have? oh I forgot, I haven’t prepared your meal for you so if you want to then I think… ”
“Stop trying Ciara” he cut me off
“excuse me”
“stop trying to act like you care. if this is all just a game to you then just stop please” he begged

“And who said anything about playing games? I’m only trying to… ”
“I know. to make me feel better. to make me feel like you care. I know you’re only doing this out of pity. you just pity me don’t you?”
“that is not true” I half yell
“yes it is. you don’t want me to feel bad and that’s why you’re acting like this. I know you don’t love me but don’t pity me. because when you do that,” he paused staring intently at me “then you’re no different from my parents. so just stop please” he says before finally walking out. I felt the tears roll down my cheeks. the only thing I’d hate now is to Brian this mad at me. I don’t want him to think that I’m a bad person.

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