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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 40
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“I believe you owe me a kiss now” he says while I stood there like a statue staring at him in disbelief as he started laughing hysterically.
“A… a kiss?” I stuttered causing him to laugh really hard. is the kiss really that funny?
he cleared his throat “don’t worry you can do it. it’s just a harmless kiss and we’ve kissed on countless occasions before right?” he asked but I didn’t respond. just then he leaned forward “are you scared Ciara?”
he seems to be enjoying this. I bit my lips as I weighed over the pros and cons in my mind.
why is he asking me to kiss him?
he’s never done something like this before.
Maybe it’s one of his tricks to see if I’ve finally fallen for him.

He must think I’m crazy. well I was actually crazy to make a bet With a guy like Brian.
Who does he think he is to ask me to kiss him.
I let out a breath as I stared at his face.
I took a step closer to where he stood.
it’s now or never Ciara.

I wrapped my hands around his neck and drew his face closer to mine.

I brought my lips closer to his and when I saw that he was already in the mood for the kiss, I shifted my lips and kissed his cheeks instead.
I let go when I was done.
“Wait I don’t understand”
“Understand what?” I ask
“you were supposed to kiss me” he said giving me an intense stare.
“and I just did”.
” that was a peck on the cheeks” he countered

“Since when did you care about kissing me?” I asked “it’s all so very strange” I said silently to myself
“But you didn’t play fair”
“Fair? and how do I know that you’re playing fair? There’s no guarantee to that. And besides, a kiss is a kiss irrespective of where my lips touch” I said suddenly feeling bold and proud of myself

“Just look, my candyfloss is all melted” I whined

“Well my heart just melted” he said quietly but I really heard him. “so I won’t get my meal too?”

“of course. what would you like?”
“I don’t know. surprise me” he said and turned to go.

“Surprise you? you have got to be kidding me Mr Salter” I said grabbing his arm. he turned to look at me. I took my hands off his arm when I realized what I just did.
am I mad? how did it get up there?

I have to put myself in control otherwise he’ll think I’m falling hard for him.
I was lost in my thoughts that I missed my step on a rock and fell down.
“Ouch” I cried in pain
Brian stopped and ran back to meet me
“Now what did you do!” he asked feeling a lot concerned. don’t mind me. I think it’s the candyfloss talking.
“Does it hurt” he said touching my feet and I winced.

“A lot”
“Guess we’ll have to see a doctor tomorrow. get up” he said holding my hand.
“Try taking a step” he told me but I couldn’t. the pain was too much for a light fall.

“Come on get on my back” he ordered
“Another piggy back ride?”
“you want to get on or stay here for the rest of the night asking questions?”
“getting on would be a much easier option” I said and got on his back. no complaints. I got on and he stood up for home.
“Stop shaking. you’re more heavier than an elephant” he teased. I know he did cause I could hear him laughing.
“I’m not shaking’

” You know what Ciara, you shouldn’t have faked the fall. you would’ve just told me to carry you and I will. you see there’s no reason to pretend ” he smirked
“Pretend? And why would I do that? there are tons of guys who would be lining up to carry me. don’t get way over your head” I said pinching his ears and he winced

“Ouch it hurts”
“Doesn’t hurt as much as mine. one more word from you and you will regret it”
“OK ma’am” he replies making me bite my lower lip to hold in my laughter.
I don’t know what’s wrong and why I’m laughing but everything seems strange and different.

I couldn’t help but reminisce about everything that brought Brian and I together.
I don’t want to say it but I don’t think I regret signing those papers.
Maybe this was fate’s way of bringing us together.

“Um… ma’am, we’re home” he said disrupting my thoughts.
“um thanks” I said and rushed into the house.

“it’s getting late so let’s watch a movie, I’ll go shower first” he said before walking inside the house and straight to our room. I can’t believe I just said that.
I quickly thought of making Popcorn for the movie. He came back some minutes later wearing only a pair of shots.

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