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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 38
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I was already feeling uncomfortable again. is he going to kiss me again? What if he tries to?
He stood up from the couch and my heartbeat has increased ten times the normal rate.
He walked towards me and I tried to hold it back together and just then he walked inside like I was invisible or something.
Is he mad because I didn’t sit close to him like he wanted?

I really wanted to but I wasn’t sure. I’m really not used to this side of Brian at all.
It’s too different for me and everything is moving so fast and it’s seems as if I’m falling for him. And I don’t want him to think that or he’ll end up using me just like the other girls he had dated.

For all I know, He could be in love with Janelle.
Should I fight for Brian? is he worth it? I know I have all the right in this world to do so cause he is my husband but what If???

He walked out of the room and came back sitting on the couch.
“Brian?” I call

“Should I make you dinner? are you hungry?” I ask
“Not really?” he replied then looks at my face like he’s forgotten something.
“What’s wrong?”
“Come on. let me show you something” he says grabbing my wrist in one hand and his jacket in the other.

We head out the door to a place only he knows where.

We arrived at the beach and sat down on the sand.

The place was a bit dark. I was scared that Brian was trying to kidnap me. Although I saw some human figures walking too.
“Is this what you wanted to show me? The water and the sand?” I say in a, sarcastic manner.

“Okay I need you to close your eyes.” he tells me

I gave him the close-your-eyes-for-what look but he only smiles
“you’re going to love it trust me” he tells me and I close them.

“Now can I open them?” I ask but he replys know

“Alright you can open them now” he said giving me a light shove on my elbow and I let out a laugh before finally opening them.

was all I could say. the entire sky was filled with fire crackers that reflected numerous colours in the sky.

“You like it don’t you?”
“I love it. look at that one over there” I say pointing at the sky.
“it looks more like Ciara” he teases and I gave him a, slap.

“Oh look there’s a shooting star” I say “let’s make a wish” I tell him
“Wishes don’t come true. it’s pointless” he says lying down on the sand.
“Okay to make it interesting. Whoever’s wish comes true owes the other a free meal” I say and just then I noticed a smirk on his face.

somehow I’m regretting what I just said
“I like that but to make it more interesting, the loser has to kiss the winner” he says

“Alright” I nod in agreement
“Great. here’s comes another shooting star” he says pointing at the sky and we both close our eyes to make our wishes.
“What did you wish for?” he asks me
“You can’t ask what I wished for or it won’t come true” I say
“Have it your way then” He says standing up and pulling me up as well.
“Let’s have dinner” he tells me and we walk into a restaurant to have our meal.
After eating, we decided to go back home.
On our way, Brian bought me the biggest candyfloss I’ve ever seen.

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