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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 37
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“Hope we’re not disrupting anything”
I heard Alex voice and quickly pulled away from Brian.

I was trying to compose myself but heaven knows it’s not working. I’m sure Alex saw everything but pretended as if she didn’t.
“Hi.” I called
“Hello” Jake said holding Alex by her shoulders and pulling her closer to himself.
“How are you guys doing?” Brian asked shaking hands with Brian while Alex smiled at me.

“We’re cool. sorry for today. Alex was really down so I had to take care of her.” Jake explained

“no it’s okay”
“So how did it go?”
“It was alright.” I said smiling sheepishly.
I was thinking about everything that happened earlier before they arrived.

Alex excused herself from Jake and walked into the room with me while the guys talked about random stuff.
“So.. ” she trailed off after shutting the door behind her “how did it go?”
“it was alright. how are you feeling now?” I ask

“I’m good. I am never drinking again”
“Classic” I teased
“I feel so sad that we missed today’s fun. I wanted to come but Jake insisted that I stay” she say.
“it’s okay. he’s only looking out for you?”

“I feel like a child” she whines
“Of course you are. To Jake” I say and he smiles
“I know you guys had fun last night. the alcohol was literally in your head” she say causing me to laugh.
“I wish that happened cause we didn’t.”
“He didn’t touch you?” she asked
“Sex? No. I don’t think I’m ready for that” I say.

“But you guys are married. you should be planning on having kids or aren’t you?”
“Nope we’re not. at least not now. you see Brian was a bit of a player before we got married. I don’t think he’s changed” I tell her

“so you mean you don’t know that he likes you?”
“Likes me? what are you talking about?”
“Haven’t you noticed the intense stare he gives to you or the way he behaves. he likes you” she tells me.

“Alex I think I’ll know it when I see it. I’m scared of opening up and getting my heart hurt in the process. I don’t want to experience that kind of pain” I explain to her
“I hope you’re right. For all you know Brian could be your MR RIGHT. ”
“I doubt that” I say and just then we heard a knock on the door.

“Who is it. we’re having a girls party in here” Alex half yells while I laugh
“Oh sorry but I think your husband is going to suffer a heartache if he doesn’t see his wife soon” Brian says and she quickly gets up

“Alright we’re coming” Alex says pulling me up from the bed “Let’s go” she orders and I follow behind her.

We arrive at the living room where the guys were obviously having another drink without us.

“Hey” Alex shouts grabbing the glass from Jake “You forgot about me”
“Not really” he says taking it back “I just don’t want you getting drunk. you barely survived yesterday’s round” Jake teases causing us to laugh.

My eyes caught Brian’s and he was giving me multiple signs I couldn’t understand.
First he would grab his hair and Pat a seat next to him.

I nodded no after realizing that he actually wanted me to seat right next to him on the couch.

What’s wrong with him.

I sighed and glanced at Alex or Jake to see if they were watching the drama but thankfully they were lost in their romantic conversation.
“Come here” Brian whispered softly to me.
“No I don’t want to” I whispered back.
this was turning to a whispering competition.
“don’t make me kiss you” he threatened
“Duhhh as if” I said sticking out my tongue like a three year old.
“please Ciara or I’m gonna—” he said holding onto his throat as if he’s gonna strangle himself.
I started smiling sheepishly.

like a little girl who’ve just been offered candy.

“Why are you smiling?” Alex asked breaking Into my thoughts
“Nothing” I lied

“So” Jake trailed off “How about we go hiking in the woods for a couple of days, maybe two”

“Hiking???” I half yell “Why do we need to go hiking?”

“to spend some time in the wild. trust me you’re gonna love it” Alex adds
“Not unless you’re stuck with the heat and all the freaky bugs” I tell them.

“I love it. the idea of being in the wild is going to be amazing, right Ciara” Brian asks.
can’t he just say no.
what’s his problem.
I hate him.

“Okay then I’m coming too.” I say
“So when are we leaving?” Brian asks
“Tomorrow and don’t try to chicken Ciara. you’ve got us” Jake tells me and i smile
“Thanks Jake” I say
“welcome. we’ll be going now” Alex says before finally shutting the door behind her.

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