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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 32
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We arrived at the beach in Jake’s car.
We unpacked and set up on the beach.
“We can change to our beach wear in that store over there” Alex said grabbing my hands.

“Wait we have to help them set up everything”
“They can handle it. right Jake?”
“Sure go ahead. we’ll manage” Brian said and jake nods slowly
“Alright. come on Ciara”she said pulling me towards the direction of the store.
we got inside the changing room once we arrived there.
” Here this would look great on you ” she said handing me a lightly colored bikini.
“holy shit! I can’t wear this” I cursed
“it’s the beach Ciara. no one cares about what you wear for swimming. everyone is putting on the same thing”
“I can’t walk around the beach in that. it’s just like not putting on clothes at all” I say biting my finger like a three year old
“You’ll be fine trust me. And I’ll be right next to you.” she said handing them over to me.
I reluctantly took it and got inside to change.
I looked like a mannequin in this. I mean I’ve worn something worse than this so it’s kinda similar.
“I’m screwed” I say staring at the mirror in the changing room.
I took a breath before finally stepping out of the room.

“Wow.. you look awesome” Alex compliments
“You think?” I gave a quizzical look
“Brian’s gonna need a baby after he sees you in this” she tells me and just then my mind flashed back to penny and Brian’s mom.
“Great. another thing to worry about.. kids” I thought to myself.

“Come on. let’s go out”
“Out? like right now?”
“yeah. you can’t enjoy the beach if you’re gonna be cooped up in here” Alex Said letting her hair fall loose on her shoulders. she applied a lipstick as stared at the mirror.

“You should totally loosen your hair from the band. it’ll make you look more pretty” she pressed on
“Don’t worry I’m OK” I say and she shrugged.

I managed to come out of the changing room in one piece apart from the lipstick that Alex insisted that I apply.
i noticed Brian eyes on me the minute he saw us walking up to them.
I couldn’t read the expression on his face.
he looked surprised like he’s seen a ghost or something.

“Wow” Jake said immediately we approached them
For some reason, Brian couldn’t take his eyes off of me.
I was getting more embarrassed by the minute.
Alex jumped on Jake’s back begging for a piggy ride. they looked so cute together.
I glanced at Brian and shifted his gaze, pretending not to notice me.
“Let’s have a little competition. we’ll both a piggy back race. last couple to make it back owes the other a victory meal” Jake suggested making Alex squeal in Delight.
“let’s do it. it’ll be so much fun” she added
“No. no no. you guys can go. we’ll be right here waiting for you” I say
“You can’t have a competition all by yourself. are you trying to chicken?”
“Of course not” Brian said releasing his hands from his trunks. That was when I noticed Brian was shirtless again.
“We can do it. right Ciara?”
“no I can’t.” I say sitting on the beach mattress
“Yes we can. do be a fun sponge” he said pulling me up from the mattress.
“Come on. get on my back” he ordered.
“This is literally insane” I say and he bent on one knee in front of me. “I won’t drop you I promise” he adds
I reluctantly got on his back. wrapping my hands round his neck and my legs round his waist.

Brian is piggy backing me?
I tried to laugh but restrained from doing so.
I almost flinched when his arms got hold of my thighs from under. this is intense.
We race there and back with Alex and Jake trailing behind us. Brian was already sweaty by the time we arrived.

I jumped down and sat down next to Brian.
“So I guess you guys owe us a meal then” Brian said causing us to laugh.
“I was joking when I said that. you didn’t take it seriously did you” Jake said trying to hold back his laughter but he blew it and laughed heavily.

“Wow. best beach day ever” Alex Said running towards the beach and Jake followed.
I was about to follow when Brian pulled me back to him.
his eyes wandered from my eyes down to my legs.

“Brian quit staring. you’re getting me embarrassed”
“I never knew you looked this pretty” He said tucking my hair behind my ears “I almost went crazy when I saw you wearing this”
Why is he saying this to me?

I guess that’s what he says to all his numerous girlfriends before having sex with them.

And he thinks I’m just so stupid to fall for it.
“Tell that to Janelle when she comes for a visit next time.” I say trying to break free but he holds on
He reached for my ponytail and loosened the band on it making my hair fall on my shoulders.

“There now you look complete” he says staring into my eyes.
What is wrong with him.

“Brian? Ciara. get in here” Jake yelled from the beach.

“We’re coming” Brian yelled back
“Let’s go” he said taking my hands
“Yes let’s go” I say and we walked down to meet them in the water.

I finally got over my fear thanks to Alex and Jake and Brian.

We got out some hours later and rode the beach buggy.

Then got back into the water again.
After swimming for hours, we packed our things and headed home. Although Alex insisted we stay a bit longer but after being persuaded by Jake, she decided to go home too.

We got into Jake’s car and Brian drove us home since Jake was too tired to take the wheel. I guess today wasn’t so bad after all…

We all echoed at the same time round the dinner table.

We were having dinner at Alex and Jake’s garden tonight. They decided to give us our victory meal even when we tried to oppose the idea.

Actually, we were having the meal together.
They were almost like family now. we even decided that both families would be having dinner together from now on.

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