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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 28
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“Hey wake up. we’re almost there” I heard someone calling out to me. I opened my eyes only to see Brian.
“Finally” I said sitting upright.

The plane landed at a airport in Hawaii and we all exited.

“Hi Ciara” A voice called and I turned to see Darren walking up to me.
“I almost didn’t recognize you” he added
“OMG Darren” I said giving him a hug. I noticed Brian’s face turn sour.
“What are you doing here?” I ask
“Well the article you wrote was a blast and the company’s going great now. I’m here to meet some investors.”
he said and just then I missed my old job back
“That’s great. so how’s my parents” I ask

“They’re OK. Maybe since you’re here, we could probably go out or spend some time together” he said. I guess he doesn’t know I’m married now.

Brian coughed and walked up to me wrapping his hands around my waist and pulling me closer to him possessively.
Darren looked surprised as his eyes trailed to Brian’s hand on my waist.
what’s wrong with him.

I tried pulling away from his grip but he only tightens his hand.

“Don’t forget that we are married in the eyes of people” he, whispers to me.
does it really matter.

“Hi I’m Brian. Ciara’s husband. we’re here on our honeymoon” he tells Darren who gave me a surprised stare
“Are you married Ciara” he asked not believing in what he just heard from Brian.
“I just told you that we are. take a, look” he said raising my hands and flaunting it across Darren’s face so that he could actually see the ring.

“Yes. I’m married Darren” I finally managed to say “I’m sorry”

“Let’s go Ciara.” Brian said still not letting go.

I pushed him away when we’ve walked a bit farther from Darren.
“What did you do that for?” I ask
“He can’t just ask you out on a date when we’re both married” he tells me
“Really?” I ask placing my hand on my hip. “are we really married.”
“Say you want Ciara but we’re married”
“So you can flirt and have sex when you want to and I shouldn’t?” I scoff “Need I remind you that you said you’re gonna stay away from me so I’m free to do what I want”

“So what? you want to snuggle on a bed with him right here”

“excuse me. Have you forgotten that you snuggled up with Janelle last night!” I ask but he only runs his hand through his hair
“So what? you want to get back at me?”
“you’re lucky I’m not that kind of girl. I won’t mind kissing him in front of you” I yell

“Don’t start Ciara”
“oh please. see why I never wanted to come on this f-----g honeymoon.”

“He was flirting with you”
“it’s not like it’s a bad thing. you flirt with girls don’t you and besides Darren is a friend of mine. you don’t have to act all possessive as if we’re really married OK” I say

“Fine you can do what you want”
“Thank you” I say and we threw our faces at the other direction not wanting to talk to the other.

We are married?
What a joke!!!

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