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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 26
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He opened the door and walked in with his brief case.

it was 7:00pm at night and I didn’t care to ask why he’s so late.

His eyes landed on me but he quickly pretended like he didn’t see me.
Am I invincible?

“Brian about what i said last night—” I trailed off but he only walked past me into his room slamming his door shut.
i almost jumped out of my body. I’ve never seen him like this.

I was already becoming scared.
He didn’t come for like 30 minutes and when he did, his eyes were bloodshot.
I guess he has been working or drinking.
cause Brian doesn’t smoke. I would bet my life on that.

“are you hungry” I ask but no response “should I get you some aspirin?” I added but nothing.

He only stared at me before throwing a paper at me. more like a memo
“That’s where we’re
going for our honeymoon so get packed by tomorrow” he tells me, he wasn’t in his right mood so I don’t want to upset him further

“T-Tomorrow? isn’t that too early?”
“we’re taking Penny. mom’s order” he, say completely ignoring my question
“Brian we can’t just leave. what happened to next week. you said you have a, lot of things to take care of”

“I just took care of them today so we don’t have any reason to stay. it’s a house outside of town in Hawaii.” he, said turning to leave
“Brian please” I beg

“Don’t worry, we won’t touch each other. I’ll stay as far as I can away from you. I can never get the likes of Ciara Smith so it’s pointless if I try” he growled.

I can’t believe he remembers my last name.
“You’re getting it wrong Brian” I say. he’s making me feel bad. I’m starting to regret everything I said to him

“Get ready Ciara.”
was all he said before leaving me there all alone

What have I done, I hope I haven’t unleashed a monster instead of a human.
All through the night, I couldn’t sleep,
Brian has been on my mind. Hope I did the right thing.

I’m not used to seeing him like this.
I quickly packed my things inside a bag.
I was confused of what to do at such short notice.

I heard noises and bottles from my room.
I walked out to see who it was. only to find Janelle and Brian in the bar. I guess he called her.

“I wish I could go with you” she whined taking a lock of hair in her hand and twirling it.
“I wish you could too but I don’t want mom to find out. how about you come visit” he tells her and she smiles.

I hid in a corner looking at them
I knew that Brian would never change but why does it hurt?

maybe it’s because he has somehow kissed me.
don’t be affected Ciara. don’t get attached. I mentally slapped myself.
“I’ll definitely come visit bad boy” she teased kissing him hungrily.

Brian caught me and I quickly hid myself.
“Let’s go in Janelle” he tells her and she stood up and followed him.

They caught me when I tried to go inside my room.

“Have you been spying on us?” Janelle ask but I didn’t respond
“Are you done packing” he ask
I nod “Almost done”
“Good. I can only get the likes of Janelle cause she’s not as boring as you are and I think I love it that way” he said resuming the kiss

“I know. that’s cause she’s a cheap w---e. she sells herself for any price but can you actually get married to her Brian. you wouldn’t, you couldn’t. I’ll assume you’re in your bad mood Brian so I’ll let you cool off with Janelle” I say and open my door

“Have fun. it never lasts anyway.” I added before shutting the door on their amused and slightly confused faces.

I heaved and returned to what I was doing
After we’re back from the honeymoon, I’ll put my plan into action so that Brian Would finally divorce me so I can leave this marriage for good.

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