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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 23
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We talked about other stuff but Brian’s mom was bent on us having kids, it’s not like you can just stuff them in a, sack and bring them to her. it would’ve been a, lot easier.
She’s one hell of a, kid lover.

Brian was right all along.

After dinner, Brian’s mom served us desert.
Brian went upstairs to talk to his dad and I was stuck with his mom.

We had a really long conversation which was mostly about Brian, when he was a kid, his favourite meal, blah blah blah. I really didn’t care to know but it’s not like I could tell her so I just nodded and smiled when necessary.
Next she brought a photo album showing their lives even since they got married till the birth of Brian.

“This was the time Brian won the tennis tournament at a country Club back in Hong Kong” she said to me.

“I never knew Brian plays tennis”
“he’s really great at it.”
“Wow. the pictures are amazing” I comment

“Yeah” she said, her smile turning into a frown

“What’s wrong mom?” I ask, a little confused about her sudden mood swing.
“Well I really wish we had a picture of you in the album” she said feeling really down
“it’s really OK mom. I don’t mind” I say but she takes my hand in hers making me face her. I was totally lost. what could be wrong now?

“Ciara” she trailed off looking at me “promise me that you’re going to make a baby with Brian?”
I swallowed hard.
“But mom.. ”

“I know Brian May not be the perfect husband. he’s my son so believe me I know. But no guy in his right state of mind won’t be happy especially when he has a child to call his. the baby could be the bridge between your marriage. It may bring Brian closer to you and no man won’t be able to love the mother of his child. You should really try to make the most out of your honeymoon. if you wait for Brian to make a move, you’re gonna wait forever. he acts all tough now but he’s really shy” she says and we both giggle.

“Alright Mom. I will try” I lied.
I don’t have any intention to make out with Brian.

Not in his life. or mine, or never mind.
“Thanks Ciara” she said hugging me.
wait until Brian breaks the news about how we got married.
“Can we go now!?” he asked and we pulled away from the hug.

I stood up and they walked us to the door.
“Bye mom. thanks for dinner” I called as he opened the door for me.
“Take care of her”
“will do” he says and hopped in.
he started the engine and we drove home in silence. no one speaking to the other.

I opened the door and walked inside, Brian trailed after me. I was about to pull the door knob when he said
“Ciara we need to talk”

I turned around and saw him standing there, hands akimbo
“whatever about?”
“The honeymoon” he said through gritted teeth

“Oh you mean the honeymoon you totally agreed on?” I ask, sarcasm down my throat.
“Yes and we’re going”
“Geez Brian. I told you before that I don’t want to go on a f-----g honeymoon.”
“If we don’t go, mom and dad will think we played them don’t you see?” he said with a serious face

“no I don’t see cause if we go, you’re actually giving your parents something to believe on. to hold on to” I say and pushed the door open

I looked at him and he looked somewhat confused.

“they’ll think that we love each other and made out so they’ll be expecting kids. and I don’t want to have kids with a guy like you” I say “just tell Janelle. I’m sure she won’t mind”

“you think I’m bad don’t you Ciara” he asked

“yes you are. you don’t know the value of relationship. you don’t believe in love. you think it’s just a game. you have no desire whatsoever to have a committed relationship. you love everything in skirts. and do you know the worse part?” I ask walking up to him. “No girl in her right state of mind would ever love you. cause you will never be able to love them back. have you asked yourself the reason why you think your parents don’t love you? well it’s because you don’t deserve it. believe me, you’re wasted” I said. I didn’t know I could say all those things to Brian.

His eyes were bloodshot. red and fierce but I wasn’t scared.

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