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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 22
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we pulled away from the kiss and that’s when I realized what I was doing.
I Kissed Brian again?

what is wrong with me? why couldn’t I resist?

But d--n I guess I kinda liked it. I put my clothes in order. I couldn’t even look at him.
We were both avoiding eye contact.

I sighed and wiped my lips with my hands.
He adjusted his tie and tried to walk away.
“Where do you think you’re going?” I ask, feeling a lot irritated by what happened
“To finish dinner. that’s what we came here for, right?” he asked, sarcasm down his throat.

He just kissed me and pretended as if nothing happened.

I mean I wasn’t expecting to act like something happened but still
“You just kissed me Brian, forcefully” I said pointing at him

“And what part of it didn’t you enjoy?” he asked feeling a bit amused. I know he was mocking me.

“Enjoy? seriously? are you for real” I asked him but he laughed it off
Am I for real? I mentally slapped myself.

you were not at fault Ciara. You didn’t kiss him, he did.

“I mean normally, you would yell or hit me but you didn’t. so who’s to blame” he asked folding his arms across his chest.
“and besides, I only did that to prove a, point. you can’t get me upset without my permission” he said and winked at me.
I felt like strangling the life out of him. he’s an a-----e and a big one at that.

He turned around and tried walking away again.

“Curse you Brian. curse you and everything that has, to do with you” I yelled at out loud but he didn’t seem affected, he just turned around and started walking up to me. I tried moving back till I hit the wall. he pulled his face down to mine as if he was gonna kiss me again.

“Curse everything that has, to do with me? including you right? cause you are literally my wife so curse you too” he smiled and walked away.

“I hate him, I hate him, I hate him so much.” I said to myself and angrily walked out to join the others.

“Are you feeling better now?” his mom asked and he threw me a look before taking another bite into his mouth.
“I’m… I’m fine” I said taking my seat next to Brian.

He dished some salad into my plate, trying to act like an ideal husband which he clearly was not, I gave him a deadly stare but he smiled and winked at me.

“I can manage” I say
“Yes I know that Mrs Salter but let me help” he said and I sneered.

“Awwn, they look so cute together” his mom cooed making me barf.

He pulled close to me and whispered into my ear “don’t forget, we’re acting like a couple tonight so don’t try something silly” he tells me and takes a forkful of salad, placing it on my lip.

“I’m not eating that.” I said in almost a whisper.

“eat or I’ll kiss you again in front of mom and dad” he tells me and I knew that he meant it.

“You won’t dare” I threatened
“I will cause you actually did that to me last night. you screamed because I refused to take a f-----g burger off your hand” he said and the whole scenario flashed before my eyes making me a whole lot embarrassed
“So are you eating or should I kiss you?” he added

I reluctantly opened my mouth and he put the salad into my mouth.

“now that’s a good girl” he said and I chewed on the salad. I just pray this night ends pretty soon or I’m gonna loose it.
His parents were staring at us as if they were watching a movie.

I gave a fake smile and they returned it with a cheerful one.

“so where would love to go for your honeymoon?” his dad asked us, I didn’t bother to reply so I focused on my food. he agreed to their plans so he should face whatever that comes with it alone.

“I was thinking Hawaii. they have a good beach over there.” His dad suggested
“How about Vegas or LA? if you love sight seeing”

“We’ll think of where we would like to go and tell you all about it,” Brian said picking on his food.

“You have to leave like this week or next. I want you out of here as soon as possible so you both could make kids” she said with pleading eyes
I coughed.

“Please mom. maybe next cause I have to finalize everything work related before I leave. so you won’t have a hard time running the company when I’m gone” he said and after a while they nodded yes.
“well played” I tell him and he glared at me.

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