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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 21
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We arrived at his parents house which was a huge mansion. He stepped out and opened the door for me.

“We have to act like an ideal couple in front of them alright” be tells me as we walked to the front porch.
“We’re we really an ideal couple before?” I roll my eyes
“Just for one night”
“No kissing or touching. that’s my rule. keep your hands and lips to yourself” I say with a serious face
“Alright” he says before pushing the doorbell.

we heard footsteps from inside before the door finally flew open.
“Brian you’re here” a lady who I assumed was his mom said. she pulled him for an embrace but he didn’t reciprocate.
“Hi mom”
“I guess this is your wife” She said touching my cheeks. she seems nice.
“mom meet Ciara and Ciara that’s Aubrey my mom” he introduced us.

“She’s beautiful” she compliment and I blushed

“Honey Brian is home” she yells
“Brian my boy” he said from the stairs before rushing down.
“Hello Dad”
“How is work?”
“Good.” he reply with no sense of happiness in his words
“I love your dress” His mom tells me “What brand of collection is this” she asks

“Um… I… ” I stuttered not really knowing what to say
“I bought it.” he said
“You know quality like your mom” she tells Brian. “come Ciara. let’s leave the men together and serve dinner. it’ll give me a chance to know the real you”
The real me?

I’m busted. what if she finds out about our marriage? did Brian already tell her?

I looked at Brian and he slowly nods his head so I followed her. we walked to their kitchen.
it was huge.

“So Ciara hope you and Brian are kicking off pretty well” she asks and I nod.
“Is he a good guy? do you like him?”
Like him? Gosh he’s worse than the devil.
“He’s alright. I mean we just got married so I can’t really say” I tell her.
“He didn’t court you?” she gave a quizzical look

What did Brian tell his parents about me?
“Um… he did. We got married after that”
“So how are your parents?”
“They’re fine” I lied. I just missed them.
“Great so Brian says you’re a good cook. I hope one day we can make something together. how about that?” she asks giving a bright smile
“that would be lovely” I say.
Brian is so gonna get it from me later
we served dinner and everyone gathered at the table.

we discussed about issues ranging from different topics. Brian’s parents are nice so I wonder why they don’t get along.
Everything went well until Brian’s mom dropped the bomb.
“So when are you guys going to have kids”
I nearly choked on my food.
“K-Kids” I ask again
“We’re not getting any younger. I want to see my grandkids.”

Brian glanced at me but I threw my eyes away.

I won’t even dare let him touch me.
“we’re working on it” he said
Working? is he mad? maybe he meant Janelle.
“I know. you would never disappoint us. we’re so proud of you”
“He really takes after me” his dad said and they all giggled
“so your dad and I have been thinking that its about time you take Ciara to your honeymoon” she blurts out
Honeymoon? what is going on here?
“I don’t really have time cause I’m usually busy”

“We know. so we’re going to handle the company together and you could spend some time with Ciara. alone” his dad said
I don’t understand what’s happening.
I gave Brian a kick telling him to stop their plans.

“Mom we don’t really think it’s time… ”
“nonsense. it’s time alright. maybe you could go to a country side or Hawaii.” she suggests

“But mom dad”
“please” she begs. he looked at me and I tried to nod no
“Alright mom”
I’m ruined, I’m doomed.
“I need to use the bathroom” I say and stood up

“it’s over there. Brian take her there”
“Yes Brian please take me there” I say and he stood up and followed me.
“You are really something else” I say immediately we got there
“Shhh calm down”
“Calm down? a honeymoon seriously? you really wanna be stuck with me in a f-----g honeymoon? if you do then I don’t alright” I say

“We’ll think of something”
“We you better cause I don’t want to go or maybe I’ll tell Janelle to go with you. that way it’ll be easier”
“shut up Ciara. I don’t want to go too okay but I’m willing to do anything for my parents” he tells me
“Anything? including a honeymoon? Well you just ruined my night and trust me I’m gonna ruin yours too” I say before walking out
“F--k” he cursed under his breath
“Don’t try anything stupid Ciara” he warns
“well I can’t be the only one who suffers this night” I say

“You think you can upset me” he asks
“Tell that to the bottle of wine I’m gonna take tonight” I say grabbing a bottle from the bar.

His parents didn’t notice cause they were backing us and a soft music was playing in the background.
“Ciara stop this madness” he whispers to me

I opened it and tried pouring into my mouth but he grabbed it and pulled me by my waist close to him.
“You think you’re the only one who can upset me?” he ask hands gripping my waist tight “what did you say tonight? no kissing, let’s do it then” he says bringing his lips closer to mine.
“Brian don’t do it.. Stop.. ” I say and he forcefully pressed his lips on mine kissing me.
I tried pushing him away but I couldn’t so I gave up the struggle and kissed him back..

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