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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 19
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The door flew open and penny walked inside.
“Hi Ciara”
“Hello penny” I greeted back. my voice was stuck in my throat.
“Are you okay?” she asks
“I think I’m going to loose my mind in a matter of seconds” I tell her and she giggles
“Sit up. let’s talk about it.” she says and I stood up from the couch.
“so what’s bothering you?”
“it’s Brian” I blurt out
“what about Brian?”
“he’s not acting like the Brian I know and it’s getting me pissed off” I say
“What did Brian do” she asked and I walked to the kitchen and poured us both a glass of orange juice.

“You might wanna sit down to hear this Penny” I say giving her a glass as I told her all I could remember from last night’s incident.
she couldn’t help but laugh.
“Penny not fair” I cajoled but she didn’t stop

“why are you affected? A Ciara once told me that whatever Brian does Will never affect her” she say
“But that was before until I met this side of him. the Brian I know would’ve ignored me and threw me by the roadside after what I did to him but he just didn’t” I explain
“Then you should ask yourself what’s wrong with Brian”
“No no no. I don’t love Brian so he shouldn’t try to act smart with me.” I say a bit angry

“I’m sure that when it’s time, both of you would open up your hearts to each other. maybe” she says standing up.
“where are you going?”
“to the kitchen to make breakfast. all the thought about Brian has totally made you forget to eat something. perhaps” she says and proceeded to the kitchen.

I sat down and some minutes later, penny served breakfast.
I ate my dish and went into my bedroom.

Later in the evening Brian came back from work. I didn’t go out to meet him because I didn’t want things to spiral out of control.
I heard a, knock on my door
“Ciara come out. I want to talk to you”
it was Brian. what does he want?
“is everything OK” I ask
“just come on out Ciara. I need to talk to you”

I quickly pulled the door knob and walked outside to meet him. I followed him to the living room.

he ran his hands through his hair
“What’s going on”
“Mom and dad invited us to dinner so I want you to come with me?” he says and yesterday’s incident flashed through my eyes

“I don’t want to go but I have no choice.” he tells me
“I don’t want to go. after getting drunk at the party yesterday, we’re going for another one today?” I said giving him a quizzical look

“It’s at their house and we can’t turn them down. it’ll be disrespectful”
“it’s not like I care. I don’t wanna go before I get winded up in another bottle so take Janelle” I say rolling my eyes
“For the last time Ciara. mom and dad doesn’t know about Janelle and I intend to keep it that way” he half yells
“Don’t shout at me alright” I say “Alright I’ll go but just this once. and after that, it’s over for any other parties okay” I say and he nods.

He agreed to it? definitely not the Brian I know.
“um I bought you this” he says handing me a gown and a pair of heels “You actually threw the other one away” he adds
“Oh. This is quite expensive” I say looking at the tag
“Mom loves designers so she’d expect you to look good” he tells me.
“great” I say
“Now get dressed” he says before walking away.
I sigh and proceeded to my bedroom to get dressed.

I wore my clothes, applied my makeup and wore my shoes.

When I was done, I joined Brian in the living room and we walked down to the garage.
He opened the car for me and sat down to take the wheel.

“Now when we get there, do not try to take alcohol got it?” he said when we were perfectly seated

He started the engines and pulled out of the building.

All through the drive, I was feeling nervous. I mean I’ve not met his mom and dad ever since our wedding and I haven’t talked to them in person so what if they act funny or something. I swear I hate this marriage.
Brian noticed cause he saw me shifting uncomfortably on my seat.
“If you really want to get mom talking then, make every conversation about kids and clothes. Dad should be about how rich he is” he tells me. eyes on the road
“You do know them pretty well but what happened between you guys”
“They didn’t care. Please don’t get me to talk about myself Ciara. I’m not in the mood” he says

“OK” I say

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