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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 18
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My eyes flew open and I scanned the room. I sat upright on the bed and held my head with both my hands.
“My head” I groaned “I think I’m having a hangover”
I glanced at my body only to realize that I’m half naked.

i quickly covered the blanket. “where are my clothes” I said to myself and why am i in Brian’s room.
Did he sleep with me? What happened yesterday night?
My mind quickly played back to the incident that happened last night.

I KISSED Brian?!! I touched my lips with my fingers. How can I kiss Brian?
Holy Shit!
I slipped out of bed and changed into something suitable. i checked the time, it was almost eight in the morning. I walked out the bedroom to the living room. I saw Brian wearing his watch. he was already dressed up. I guess he’s ready for work.
I coughed and he turned to look at me. he looked shocked like someone who’ve just seen a ghost.

What should I tell him? sorry or thank you?
“Um… morning” I greeted but he didn’t respond.
“hope you’re okay now?” he asked and I nod
this is awkward.

“I want to thank you for last night?” I blurt out
“what part of last night? the rape incident or your childishness” he asked and I gulped really hard
“well great. cause from now on Ciara. I don’t want to see you taking a pint of alcohol otherwise I’m gonna loose it. you have no idea what I had to go through because of your drunken state. I had to carry you, chase after you and the worse of everything is that I had to beg you” he said
“I didn’t know it was alcohol”
“oh really, you couldn’t even read the label?’

” he poured into my glass so how was I supposed to?” I ask and he sighs
“you’re impossible Ciara”
“Quick question. did you.. um.. ” I stuttered pointing at my body and he eyes flew open
“No. never. I didn’t touch you alright. ok I did but only because I had to change you out of your clothes before you catch a cold at night” he said

“Oh ok” I said running my hands through my hair.

The silence between us became awkward all of a sudden. usually I’d want to insult or rip his hair off but now, it’s just awkward.
“I’ll be leaving for work. have some rest and tell penny I said hi” he tells me

He took his briefcase and walked out of the house.

I fell to the chair and tried to rethink.
Brian of all people? Bought me snacks? rescued me from a rapist and piggy backed me? this is more than I can handle.

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