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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 16
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BRIAN’S point of view (POV)
“Brian stop drinking. you’ve got to control yourself please” Janelle said with pleading eyes but I ignored and kept the pace.
They were always busy. All the time, they never considered what I wanted.
I really hoped to see them. I wanted to be the ideal son they ever had. I studied pretty hard to get their attention. I even tried my best to run the company so they could notice me but they seemed rather uninterested.
“We can’t make it Brian”
“I’m sorry son, maybe next time” they kept on saying.

the never really cared if I existed or if I’ll get hurt in the end.

I gulped the substance down my throat and poured more for myself.

I couldn’t help it. they made me like this, and I really don’t regret it. so I spend my entire life flirting with women and I was never really satisfied but I couldn’t help it.
“Brian drop this” she said grabbing the bottle from my hands and placed them on the counter.

I took a another one and opened it.
I’m ruined.

“Look you don’t have to stress yourself over nothing Brian. you have me and I have you too” she said and shoved the bottles aside. she stood up and walked up to me placing her hands on my thigh in a seductive manner.

“Stop it Janelle. I’m not in the mood for that” I say yanking her hands off my body.
She hissed and sat down crossing her legs.
I could tell she was mad but she doesn’t really have a right to me. she’s just a fling to pass the time so she shouldn’t take it the wrong way.

I was about taking the last drink when the rain started falling. Just then my mind raced back to Ciara. I hope she’s taken cover.
I returned back to my bottles but somehow my mind was restless. I tried looking out for her but I didn’t see her anywhere inside.
“Are you okay” Janelle asked but I didn’t respond

“Brian are you looking for something?” she asked again. I swear she was getting me pissed off by the minute
I stood up from my seat and tried searching for her. she was nowhere to be seen anywhere inside the party.
I walked outside with Janelle trailing behind me.

“Brian what’s up with you” she gave me a quizzical look
“Please shut the f--k up Janelle I’m trying to think” I half yell. she was a little startled
I walked away from her and went to where my car was parked but still no sign of her.
“where could she have gone” I thought to myself.

I closed my eyes for a moment as the rain poured on my clothes.
I opened my eyes and was about going inside when my eyes caught a glimpse of Ciara.
she was being held by a guy. He was taking her inside. d--n! I clenched my fist
Is she really that naive or maybe she’s trying to get back at me for leaving her out here all alone but then again Ciara isn’t that kind of girl.

What if she’s drunk of something. I quickly trailed after them.

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