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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 15
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I stopped outside for about an hour or two.
I was already feeling tired. I can’t believe he left me out here. he’s Brian so I’ll believe it.

As if it wasn’t enough, there was a thunderstorm followed by a lightening bolt. it’s going to rain anytime soon. I need to take cover.

F--k you Brian” I cursed under my breath and ran up the staircase to the front door.
The rain finally began to pour and I started feeling cold all of a sudden.
I felt a light tap on my shoulder
“Hi pretty” a guy who I assumed was from the party said to me
“Hi” I gave a faint smile. I held my arms together

“Feeling cold?” he asked but I didn’t respond.

“Let’s have a seat over there. the lights would be enough to make you feel warm” he suggested, pointing at a building opposite Brian’s company and I nod. he seemed nice and less scary unlike Brian.

I followed him there and we both sat down. I know I shouldn’t be sitting down here but no one gives a f--k about me so I have to take care of myself.
He took off his jacket placed them on my shoulders.

I caught a waft of his Cologne. so nice.
He ordered for two bottles of wine and we were served
“I can’t have any of that.” I protest
“don’t worry, it’s not alcohol. just a mild drink. trust me” he tells me and pours into my glass.
i quickly had a, sip. gosh it was so good.
I quickly gulped all down my throat without tasting.

“it’s good” I compliment and he pours more for me.
We drank for close to an hour, talking about stuff, work life and personal personal life. I was becoming tipsy by the minute.

I started laughing and talking things that didn’t really matter.
“Brian” I call out

“who’s Brian” he asks and I look at his face. my vision was already becoming blur.
“My husband” I blurt out
“Are you two divorced?”
“No we just got married recently” I say rolling my hair round my fingers. d--n what’s wrong with me. “He’s a very bad guy. he doesn’t love me.”

“are you serious. which guy in his right state of mind won’t love a girl like you. you’re extremely beautiful and perfect in every way” he says and I giggle
“can you do me a favor?” I ask
“Anything” he replies sharply
“tell that to Brian when next you see him” I say and he chuckles

“you’re wasted pretty”
“I’m perfectly fine aren’t I” I say trying to stand up but I fell back to my chair
“Alright I get it I’m drunk” I say hitting my face with my palm. what’s wrong with me? what’s happening?
“Let’s go inside. it’s freezing out here” he says taking my arms. he pulled me out of my seat and drew me closer to him.
“I don’t want to go. Brian?” I call again
“alright I’ll take you to Brian OK?” he say and I nod

“Okay” I say and follows him inside. He quickly bolts the door, once were inside.
“Where is Brian?” I ask but he doesn’t respond. he only moves closer to me
“You’ll see him really soon.” he, said in what sounded almost like a whisper.
He holds my waist and pushes his self on me. Then placed his, hand on my thigh.
I quickly realise what he was up to and pushed him away forcefully.
“Get away from me” I yell
“You can’t fight it doll” he says and comes close

“Don’t you dare, touch me” I say and pick up a vase close to me but he quickly caught me and threw it away.
I made for the door but he held my waist and threw me on the bed.
“Oh lord!” I say trying to get up but he pushes me down.
He took off his clothes and reached for my dress.

I don’t want to be raped and I’ve never dreamt of loosing my innocence in this manner.

“Please let me go” I beg but it all fell on deaf ears as be tried to pull off my clothes
“BRIAN!!!” I scream with all my might.
Just then the door flew open and a figure stepped inside. I couldn’t see his face clearly cause I was drunk.
I forced myself to see and I saw Brian standing there staring at me. his eyes were all red.

Thank goodness. it was him. He came for me
“Brian” I call before finally passing out…

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