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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 14
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Although the dress gave me a new look. it brought out all my curves that was hidden and exposed my cleavage and thighs. I sighed “I’m doing this for you Ben.” I said to myself and tied my hair into a messy bun, letting some fall on my face. then I wore the heels and the jewelry.

I hope I don’t fall in these cause I’ve never worn a heel in my entire life. I was used to wearing slippers.

i took one glance at the full length mirror before finally stepping out of my room.

My heels gently tapping the floor as i walked.
i got into the living room but Brian was busy on his phone to notice me.

“I’m ready” I say and he turned around almost dropping his cell phone. He was clad in a black suit too. are we going to a Black party?
I could tell he was surprised. I’m also surprised. I can’t believe I’m pulling off the new look.

“Great let’s go” he said walking out the door and I followed him to the garage. he opened the door and I got in then he turned around and took the wheel.
“Now when we get there, try to blend in with the others, don’t act like someone who hasn’t been to a party before alright”
“Geez I haven’t been to any party before so you could’ve saved yourself the trouble by taking Janelle” I scoff
“The party was thrown by my parents so they’ll expect you to be there and not Janelle” he explains
“so am I some kind of leverage? you use me to get what you want?” I ask with disgust
I hissed.

He started the engines and pulled out of the building.

About half and hour, we arrived at the party which I assume was his company.
He stepped out and opened the door for me.
“So you can be a gentleman when you want to huh!?” I say and stepped out. I folded my hands across my chest and stood still. The company was massive and the decoration was pretty expensive.

“Hi Brian” A lady called. I could tell without looking that it was Janelle. penny was right. she works here.

she kissed his lip and flung her arms around him.

“I’m so glad you’re here” she tells him. I’ve seen worse than this so I can’t be affected. I mean they literally had sex on my matrimonial bed so what’s new?
She pulled away and glanced at my direction. I guess she was surprised to see me dressed like this. so glam like a doll.
“has mom and dad arrived yet” he asked with excitement.

“No. I was trying to tell you that they won’t be able to make it so they said you should take care of everything” Janelle said and I noticed Brian’s face turn sour. I guess he was really trying to impress his parents and that’s why he insisted on taking me here. Penny was right, his parents never really had time for him. But that’s not my problem.
“Great. you should’ve just left me at home.” I blurt out and he gave me a deadly stare.

“let’s go inside Brian and have some fun. don’t worry I’m here for you” she said taking his hand in hers
“You can’t leave me here?” I half yell
“yes I can”
“But you have to at least take me home and come back to finish your party” I suggest but he seemed uninterested
“You’re staying.”

“so what am I supposed to do while you’re away?” I ask
“watch my car till I get back” he winked at me and Janelle ended up laughing
“Brian this is so not fair”
“I know” he said before finally walking inside the building.

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