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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 13
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By five Penny told me she was leaving so after walking her outside, I returned home and went to the kitchen to cook dinner. Brian would be back any minute I guess and I don’t want him to cut my head off.

I finished making dinner and served them, Brian walked in afterwards with a shopping bag in his hands. he went shopping? why?
I didn’t bother to ask it out loud so I just pretended like I didn’t see him.
“Here,” he said throwing the bag at me
“why are you giving it to me? what’s in it?” I asked feeling startled by his behavior
He growled “change into that. we’re going out” he tells me before sitting down on the couch

“going out? to where?”
“don’t ask me stupid questions Ciara, I make the rules and you follow, have you forgotten that? now get dressed” he said with a very serious face
“I demand to know where you’re taking me, you can’t just expect me to get dressed and follow you like a guard dog without asking questions. I believe I have the right to do so. what if you want to kidnap me?” I ask almost yelling
“You are a guard dog Ciara. you’re not supposed to ask questions and if I wanted to kidnap you, I’d do that instead of marrying you don’t you see. now stop making me talk much and get dressed” he snapped
“I don’t want to” I say. I could notice the rapid rise and fall of his chest. I knew I was getting him angrier by the minute.
“don’t make me break you Ciara” he threatened. and the worse part is that he could do anything he says
“isn’t it better that way? break me so that you won’t have to deal with me anymore” I yell and turned to make my way to the room when he said

“I can’t believe that Ben has a new job. it would be so much fun watching him get fired” he said and I quickly turned to look at him

“what are you trying to say?” I ask but he only smirks and walks up to me.
“Nevermind. I’ll make sure he gets fired, that way, your parents would go back to the miserably life that they once had. I know your weaknesses Ciara so it’ll be foolish of you to do something stupid so get dressed” he said eyes becoming red all of the sudden. F--k you Brian! he was right. my family is my greatest weakness. I can’t let Ben loose his job because of one useless place that Brian is about to take me. He needs the money to feed my family and it’ll be selfish of me to put my interests first before my family’s.
Ben has, really been a great brother before I got married to Brian. I’m willing to compromise or should I say sacrifice so he could keep his job.
I shut my eyes for a while before opening them again. somehow I wish that this was all a dream cause I’m really not living my fantasy.

“Alright. I guess you won. I’ll do it” I say and open up the bag. He shopped for a gown, heels and a box which I assume had a jewelry inside.
This is expensive. Even my savings for ten years won’t be able to get any of this.
I quickly brought out the gown. it was a short handless gown. I can’t wear this. a dress like this would expose parts of my body that I want to be discreet.

“I can’t wear this” I blurt out
“well you have to. it’s a company party and everyone would be expecting my wife to look great” he tells me. At least he finally told me where we’re going.
“So you expect me to dress up like a w---e? in front of people. sorry but I’ll pass.” I roll my eyes and threw it on the couch
“pick it up Ciara”.

” I can’t wear that. that is not my kind of dress. you know what? maybe you should’ve told Janelle to go with you. I’m sure she won’t mind wearing a lingerie to impress you” I click my tongue
“You’re going with me. don’t test me Ciara”

“you don’t even like the fact that we’re married and everyone knows that you’re a flirt so you don’t have to hide anything. it shouldn’t bother you that much if you take me and I’m cool with the fact that you should take Janelle.” I say and it got him really pissed off. he dipped his hand into his pockets and brought out his cellphone. he dialled a number and placed the device on his ear.
“Hello. this is Brian, Brian Salter. do you happen to know any Ben Smith working with you?” he asked staring intently at me
“don’t do this Brian” I beg
he placed the device on loudspeaker
‘yes sir, he’s just a new employee that started working here recently ” the voice from the other end of the line said. I felt the fresh tears trickle down my cheeks. I raised my head to look at Brian who was smiling uncontrollably.
“I’ll get back to you Mr Halowel” he said and switched off the phone.
“so Ciara Salter. would you get dressed or would like me to finish that phone call?” He ask.

I didn’t respond. I just picked up my clothes and proceeded to the bedroom to get dressed.
I had my shower and applied some lotion.
I sat down in front of the mirror to apply my makeup.
then I wore the dress.
What would people think of me if they saw me in this!?

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