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Married to Mr Right - Season 1 - Episode 12
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I woke up from my bed and walked straight to the kitchen to get a glass of water. “Penny?” I call when I didn’t notice her presence in the room. where could she have gone? “Penny?’ I call again
” Over here Ciara ” she responded from the living room
“there you are. I thought you were asleep or something” I say sitting next to her. “sleep well?“
” yeah but the bed is too soft compared to what I used to sleep in” She let a low laugh
“you’ll get used to it”
“I sure hope so” i say and she switches on the TV.
“Ciara can I ask you a question?” penny asks and I turn to look at her.
“when was the last time you and Brian became intimate with each other?”
it came as a, shock
“Intimate? what kind of intimacy?”
“you know being together alone… like let’s say having sex”
I blinked twice

“No penny. never. Geez being intimate with Brian is the last thing I’ll ever do. He’s not my type of guy to begin with. I mean someone who loves everything in skirt” I say like I’m gonna puke in the next minute or something. yuck!

“He could change you know… ”
“penny, why do you keep on insisting?” I cut her off “Brian was and will never be the man you thought he was. he’s a horrible snake filled with deadly venom. one bite and you’re gone, trust me. just the thought of him makes me sick”
“Brian?” she asked feeling confused
“you just haven’t met the guy penny. maybe he hid it from you and pretended to be someone he’s not.” I say and shifted on my seat.

“You can change him Ciara”
“How? he hates me and I do too. he irritates me. I don’t want to have anything to do with the guy and I’m perfectly sure Janelle can do better, don’t you think?” I ask tilting my head to one side

“Alright. let’s make dinner on time cause I’ll be leaving soon” she tells me
“why can’t you stay. if you leave then I’ll be stuck all by myself with Brian. please stay” I beg
“Sorry but I can’t. so sorry Ciara” she apologize
“don’t worry, I’ll make dinner myself”
“can you manage?”
“sure. I can do it. it’s not really hard you know”
“thanks Ciara” she says and I smile. I shifted my gaze back to the TV show. it was actually the first time I was watching the TV because we don’t have one at home. and even if we did, I usually spend most of my time working so I never really sat down to enjoy a good show but thanks to Penny cause now I have.

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