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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 20
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I open my eyes to a different ceiling and a
woman beside my bed. She looks tired and
terribly sleepy.

“You’re awake,” she gratefully says. “I’ve been
waiting for this day for over a month now! I was even beginning to lose hope.”

“Where am I?”
“In Kafue,” she flatly says. “Do you know who
you’re are?” What a stupid question to ask
someone, I think. Of course I know who I am you
old b---h! But her question gives me an idea. A
sick idea if I may add.

“I can’t remember a thing,” I lie. “What happened
to me?”

“My husband and I picked you at the bank of the
river almost a month were unconscious
and had a gunshot wound. Being doctors, we
brought you here and treated you.”

“Thanks,” am grateful, for real. But I’ve got
vengeance to tend to so I say, “Where’s the

“Let me show you,” she helps me up and takes
me to the bathroom where she waits for me
outside. Later in the evening, she and her
husband tell me my name as they’ve been
following my case on the T.V.

The husband is saying, “I know you have
amnesia and all but I feel you have the right to
know,” he pauses for admission from the wife.
“You’re pregnant.”

“I don’t remember anything,” I repeat for the tenth time this evening, looking lost. “We’ll help
you regain your memory,” the wife laments. “My
husband and I, we will. We want justice for what
was done to you.”

“Thank you, you’re a blessing.”

I spend two weeks here and think I’ll lose my
mind if I don’t escape so I write a note one
evening. ‘I’ve regained my memory..I am really grateful for all you’ve done for me and my unborn baby and I assure you justice will now be served. I would have loved to get to know you
more but I’ll bring you more harm than good so
am better off back home. Thanks once again and
may the Lord abundantly bless you.
With love, Anna Njapau Mumba.’ I pack my bags
and hit the road..Time for payback, William and
Rajesh, I smirk as I board a bus to Lusaka.
That was a few weeks ago. I was now seated in
my car, a car Willy’s sugar mama had bought for
him. How ironic, Ha!

I sipped on my wine while playing Candy Crash
as I waited for Doctor Mainza. You wondering
who Dr. Mainza is, right? Just some dude who’d
been hitting on me back in college and now I
was here waiting for him to arrive cause there
was something important I wanted to discuss
with him. As I waited, I thought about my
vengeance plot and how things were going
according to plan so far. For starters, that cheat
William Njapau was behind bars for a crime he
didn’t commit. This was his punishment for
cheating on me with that old hag lady Valerie.
See I had known all along that he was cheating
on me. The condom incident had been what had
alerted me and spying on him closely for the
next few weeks, I came to learn William was
sleeping with Lady Valerie. Wonderful! I am a
staunch believer in ‘an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth’ so I began cheating on him with Rajesh but as you all are aware by now, things went haywire and now I was here at some
hospital, taking my next step in my revenge plot
towards Rajesh. Oh the b-----d was going to
dearly pay for raping, shooting and dumping me
in a river. I hadn’t figured out exactly how I was
going to make him pay but its one step at a time
so I’d get there eventually. Since am talking
about payback, Coreen should consider herself
one lucky b---h for not appearing on my list
cause what she had done to me had stung like a

Mum had been euphoric when I turned up at her
house a few weeks back. She had been in the
garden watering her favourite plants when I
arrived and she had thrown the hose pipe upon
seeing me, screaming for help.
“Am not a ghost,” I said, spreading my arms.
“It’s me, your daughter Anna. I survived the
attack, mother. I survived William’s attack.”
“Did you say William’s attack? I thought it was
that Indian guy..whatever his name is, who had
attacked you. Coreen had been so convinced.
She had even produced evidence proving you had
been having an affair with him!”

“She had produced evidence?” instead of us
having the perfect reunion that we so deserved,
we ended up sitting on rocks discussing Coreen
who was nothing but a backstabbing excuse for a

Mum finally sighed, “I still can’t believe am here
talking to you, baby girl. This feels like a dream.”
“You aren’t dreaming,” I hugged her.
When the hug was broken, she sternly said, “I
only ask one thing from you though.”
“Anything for you.” “You stay away from Coreen
cause she isn’t a true friend.”
“I hear you.”

Now seated in the car, I sheepishly smiled.
Karma was already doing a number on Coreen
cause rumour had it she and her ritualistic
husband were having a hiccup and were currently
on separation. Good for them. I caught a glimpse
of Mainza who was smartly dressed, getting out
of his car.

“Game on,” I happily mumbled, taking my make
up kit out of my bag so that I could beautify
myself more.

When I was done, I got out of my free car which
I loved so much and locked it. I glanced at my
outfit once again, perfect. Red really short and
tight skirt that revealed my inticing thighs, white
lacy top which showed my bra, black high heels,
Peruvian hair on point, make up on point!
I did a catwalk into the building straight to Dr.
Mainza’s secretary’s desk.
“Am here to see the doctor,” I told her.
She looked at me, looking bored. “Do you have an appointment?” “Am afraid not.”

“I’m sorry, you can’t see him without an

“Kindly tell him it’s an old friend of his, Anna

She hesitated for a while and finally called

“Somebody is here to see you but they have no
appointment ,” she spoke into the phone. “I told her exactly that but she insisted….says she’s an
old friend by the name of?” she gestured I give
her my name again.

“Anna Mumba,” I mouthed.
“Anna Mumba,” she repeated and then,
“Fine..right away.” She placed the receiver down
and gave me a plastic smile. “Next corridor, third
door on your left.” “Thank you.”

I knocked on Mainza’s door and he called from
inside saying I could go in.

“Anna,” he was on his feet as soon as he saw
me. “You look ravishing, as usual.”
“You don’t look bad either.”
We shared a brief hug and he offered me a seat.
Dr. Mainza asked if I wanted anything to drink
and I said no.

“I won’t lie, am surprised to see you here after so many years.”

“Am surprised am here too but,” I cleared my
throat. “Desperate times call for desperate

“Indeed. So, how may I help you?” “This is
complicated,” I said, more to myself than him.
“Mainza, sorry, its Dr. Mainza now. I- I want you
to do me a huge favour, I’ll pay you, of course.
I’m- I’d like you to make a fake report for me. I need you to make it seem like am dying,
leukaemia or some tumour will do. Just make it
seem like am really sick.”

“Jesus, Anna! Why would anyone wanna fake an
illness? Besides, I’d lose my license if this comes to light. Am sorry, I can’t risk my license.”

I knew he’d say such stuff. The f----r had
always been annoying after all.

I played my cards very well. “What if I gave you
something that you’ve always wanted to have?”

He reluctantly leaned back in his seat. “And may
I ask what that is?” “My body,” I blurted out and before he could argue, I stood from my seat and went to sit on his laps, pulling my skirt all the
way up to my bums and giving him a lap dance.

He was getting hard down there really fast so I
abruptly stood.

“Why did you stop?” his tone was full of lust for

I pulled my skirt down, “Because, honey, I’ll only give you my cookie once you agree to forge them papers.”

He bit his lower lip. “D--n, Anna! D--n you!” he
couldn’t stand because of his erect d--k so he
just pressed his eyes with his fingers. “I accept.”

“That’s my boy! Let me now tell you what I want you to do for me.”

Men, we women will always be your downfall!
Speaking of people’s downfalls, I was visiting
William at the police station two days later.
“Why are you doing this?”
No hi or hello, I noted. “Because I want to.”
“Why, Anna? How did I ever wrong you for you to frame me in such a manner?” “Oh please don’t be dramatic! William, you were f-----g an old lady while married to me and you expect me to be laughing my a-s off about it?”

“As if you didn’t f--k that Indian guy,” he
smirked. “Don’t preach water and drink wine,

“You started the cheating, I was only
reciprocating.” “You cheated, we’re even. Now can you kindly go tell the police who the real
culprit is and let me out of here? If you want a
divorce, I’ll give you one.”

I shook my head pitifully. “You don’t get it, do
you? William, what I want is revenge. You pushed
me to cheat and disgrace myself in the process.
I almost died you know.” “You’re accountable for that,” he pointed out.

“To you,” I retorted. “But to me, you’re.”
“You’ll pay for this!”
“When? Cause you’ll be an old man if and when you leave this place and by then our child, let me rephrase that, my child will be all grown up and will hate you with every fibre of their being.”

He leaned in and narrowed his eyes. “For our
child’s sake, please reconsider. I promise to
become your puppet.”

I laughed, sarcastically of course. The kind of
laughing where one claps and ululates. “Am not
up for negotiations so see you in court, Mr.
William Njapau.” The day of the first court
hearing arrived almost a week later. Lots of
people were present for the hearing. Rajesh,
Coreen, Cephas and many more people inclusive.
I was the first to get sworn in.

“Tell us about the kind of relationship you and
your husband share,” said the lawyer. I cleared
my throat. “Once upon a time, the defendant and I had shared a strong bond. But things started going sour when he began working for a music industry run by one Lady Valerie. My husband started slipping through my fingers slowly and before I knew it, he was having an affair with his boss.

When I confronted him, he beat me up and
told me all normal men cheat on their wives
because that’s what men do.” I lied, while crying and being all dramatic. I lied so convincingly that where he was seated, William couldn’t close his mouth.

You messed with the wrong b---h, man.
Anyway, I lied so much that what William said
seemed useless. After all, the husbands are
always guilty, not so? The court hearing was
adjourned but in the end, William was found
guilty of attempted murder and was sentenced to
20 years in prison with hard labour.

When the judge passed the verdict, William’s
mum wailed while other people gasped. But my
gaze was focused on Rajesh who swallowed,
obviously thinking he was the luckiest man alive.
If you ask me, he was actually the unluckiest
man alive cause I was coming for him next.

One down, one more left.

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