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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 18
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All my life I’d adored the fact that I was a handsome mixed race dude whom girls fell at his feet for. They literally spread their legs for me as soon as I said a thing to them. I don’t know what it is with black girls which makes them be all over white and coloured dudes in particular. Its kinda pathetic you know. Now what was pathetic was the fact that I was rotting away in some prison in Kabwe. Like today I had a sore a-s. How I got it? I’m probably sure you all have an idea.

Anyway, the first time it had happened was a few days after I was transferred to this prison. Bathing in prisons is like in boarding schools, no privacy at all. We were clamped in the dirty bathroom when a heavily built inmate and cellmate of mine pointed at me after dropping his soap, “Hey pretty boy, come pick this up for me.”

The other inmates smirked and smiled. I knew better than play tough cause the last time I’d done that, over badly cooked food for that matter, I’d gotten beat up pretty badly.
So I walked towards the inmate whose name was James by the way, bent down and was about to pick the soap but stopped short when he snapped.

“Not like that, you fool! I want you to turn and then pick the d--n soap!”
And I knew, even as I turned and bent down. I almost screamed when his huge libido penetrated my a-s but the man in me won and I just closed my eyes. S--t, this was f-----g painful!

They took turns anal raping me and the painful experience made me recall that I too had once raped someone. I had forcefully had sex with her aiming to punish her and she had pleaded with me to stop molesting her but I hadn’t listened.

Now I was experiencing pain right now but pleading was a no go area for me so I just felt ashamed as they got their way. Maybe had I been gay or bisexual, I would have enjoyed this somehow. But thank the heavens I wasn’t any of the above! The raping happened on a daily basis but there was surprisingly no getting used to it so back to my cell, I was reminiscing in Hindi. Wishing I hadn’t come back to this freaking country…I cursed the day I’d left India for Zambia, the day I’d set eyes on her and the day I’d fallen in love with her. Yeah, I’d come to love Anna with all my heart and I would forever rebuke myself for loving an adulterous woman.

I was still thinking about Anna and how she had met her unexpected end when the warden came to the cell and called my name.

“You’ve got a visitor.”

It’s probably mum, I told myself as I rose to my feet and stole a glance at James who was smiling. I assumed he was obviously happy to learn mum had come to visit me which meant she had brought stuff for me which James always ended up acquiring. Who would have thought Rajesh Sharma the Casanova will be treated like a doormat by some lunatic inmate? Had I believed in religion and God at large, I would say He’s the one who had sent this ugly b-----d James to punish me for all the atrocities I inflicted upon several women but I was a nonbeliever so to me this was just fate playing its cards.

I spotted mum as soon as I arrived in the waiting area and we were hugging when my lawyer showed up who sat down when mum and I did.

With a rude finger pointed at my incompetent lawyer, I harshly asked mum, “What is he doing here?”

“Him and I bear great news to share with you, sonny.”

“Is Coreen finally dead? Cause you know too well the only good news to me at this point in time is hearing Coreen is dead or am getting outta this hell hole. So which is which?” “The latter,”
beamed the lawyer. “You’re finally getting out.”


“Because the real culprit has been brought to light and will soon be brought to book,”
mum chirped in. “It was actually that William who had attempted to murder his wife almost two months ago and the wife has now resurfaced and as we speak, William is behind bars awaiting trial.”

Was I hearing correctly? Did mum just say Anna had resurfaced? But how when I myself had killed her?!

“I- What do you mean his wife resurfaced?”
I stuttered, half scared and half puzzled. Mum and the lawyer didn’t know I had killed Anna so in an attempt not to blow my cover, I added, “Am kinda shocked cause I myself was starting to believe she was really dead..or missing.”

Mum replied in ecstasy, “She’s apparently alive and has already filed a case against her husband. Now I know you used to screw her and all but right now, we all ought be grateful to her for saving your a-s.” And I quote, ‘we all ought be grateful to her for saving your a-s.’ Do you realise how ironic the phrase is? I was on the brink of chuckling but ended up asking, “How soon can I leave,” I paused to sweep the room with my disgusted gaze. “this place?”

“As soon as all the paper work is done,”
mum replied. The lawyer added, “Which is way sooner than you think.”

Later that night and back in my cell where I was being anal raped again, my thoughts weren’t about the pain of having my a-s ripped over and over again, they were about Anna. How did she survive my attack? And if indeed she had survived and was back, why pin the blame on an innocent man? Anna was smart and I wasn’t dumb either so I figured she was brewing revenge, killing two birds with one stone. If she had the guts to send her own husband of more than six years to prison, what more me? I felt chills even though I wasn’t the type to easily get scared nor intimidated. Something told me Anna was planning something nasty for me and only psychopaths do what she was doing. Speaking of psychopaths, I wouldn’t get mad if people deemed me one too…


It was a lazy Friday morning and being my own boss, I opted to skip work cause I had a terrible hangover. It was then that Anna showed up, telling me we were over and she was carrying her husband’s child. To say I was furious is an understatement. First of all, how could she get as careless and fall pregnant and secondly, she was dumping me? No woman had ever dumped Rajesh Sharma and I wasn’t going to let her be the first. I always did the dumping.

I told Anna to abort the baby and we could continue our relationship but seemed she had made up her mind and was walking away.

She was doing exactly the latter when I gripped her by the arm and looked straight into her sexy eyes. “You don’t call the shots, honey.”

“Neither do you own me, Rajesh. We’re through so the sooner you accept this, the better.” “And the sooner you accept that ladies don’t have the last say in my relationships, the better too.”

“Am not like all the previous ladies you’ve dated,
she retorted. “Am a married and now pregnant woman so please just let me go, Raj. There are so many pretty girls out there and am sure-” “It’s you that I want,” I cut her short.

She shook her head. “Am no longer available.”

She tried to free herself from my grip and the harder she tried, the harder I gripped. With her free hand, Anna smacked my face.

“Let me go!”
Biggest mistake of her life cause no woman had ever smacked my face let alone lay a violent finger on me.

“You’ve crossed the line, Anna, and now am gonna show you what am made of!”

I pinned her arms behind her back and pushed her onto the couch. “You wanted sex from in the first place, right? You gonna get just that. Maybe I’ve not been f-----g you as you need the past few days and that’s why you’re breaking up with me. Maybe-”

“Rajesh, Rajesh, Rajesh!”
she frantically called. “Please don’t do this.”

But I had made up my mind too so we struggled for a while until I overpowered her, took off her skirt and [email protected] and penetrated her. “Stop,” she cried. “Am pregnant for crying out loud!”

“I don’t give a d--n about your baby! Now m0an, Anna, m0an.”

She didn’t m0an. She pleaded. Anna kept on pleading with me to stop but I got my way with her and raped her until I couldn’t t----t no more so I just rolled off her and slumped beside her. She was sobbing as she dressed up. “You’re a monster whose gonna pay for doing this to me. I’m going straight to the police station from here and am gonna make sure you rot in jail for rape!”
Second biggest mistake of her life.

“The only way am going to jail is if I let you leave this house alive, Anna teddy bear.”

“You’re insane,”
she sniffed and picked her bag from the floor.

“Let me just prove you right then,” I said while carrying her to the bedroom, against her will of course. I then locked the door and pocketed the keys. I turned to face her. “Am so sorry for what am about to do to you because I love you. You pushed me too hard, you really did.”

“You’re sick!”
Anna spat in my face. “Now let me go you psychotic son of a s--t!”

I wasn’t listening, I reached for my gun in the closet and aimed it at her chest as she gasped.

“Any last words, Mrs. Anna Mumba Njapau?” “Don’t do this..please. I take back all that I said, Raj. In fact, I’ll abort this baby and elope with you to India so please put the gun begging you. For the sake of the love you just claimed to have for me.”

“Nice try,”
I chuckled and pulled the trigger. Anna fell to the floor as blood gushed out of her chest. I went to where she lay and stomped on her belly. “Rot in hell, my lovely b---h!”

Now I had a lot of cleaning and cover up to do so without panicking, which came as a surprise to me too, I wrapped Anna in bedsheets after scrubbing and mopping her blood off the floor, took her body to my car’s bonnet and drove to Kafue where I dumped her body in the river. Her body had never been found but I had initially thought it had been eaten by either crocodiles or hippos but now I knew better, the b---h was back for revenge. Well, I was ready for her.

A day after mum and the lawyer’s visit, I was released from jail. I went back to Lusaka that same day and began following William’s arrest on T.V, via newspapers and social media, and so on and so forth.

Anna seemed pretty convinced William had attempted to murder her that even I was starting to believe she indeed had lost her memory as rumour had it. Well, good for me. Now what was going to happen when she regains it? It was then that I thought of fleeing to India but being an ex convict, I couldn’t leave the country just yet.

I had only stayed with mum for at least two weeks when I met Anna in a boutique. It was her who approached me first, “Hey handsome.” She had this look of innocence in her eyes.

“Hi.” “Can we continue our relationship from where it ended?”

If she was mocking me, I couldn’t tell. “Why not?”

Anna smiled and hugged me. I rubbed her back. Let me make things clear here, if Anna was planning on doing something nasty to me, she had another thing coming cause this time around I planned on killing her and watching her corpse burn to ashes.

But for now as the saying goes, ‘Keep your friends close but your enemies closer…’

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