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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 13
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“Not again,”
I mumbled in frustration as I tried my wife’s line for the hundredth time that day. I’d just got off the phone with Coreen who told me she hadn’t seen Anna that day and that she(Coreen)was in Kapiri Mposhi at the moment.

The next thought that came into my mind, my wife was obviously in some exotic lodge s------g that Indian lover of hers and thats why her d--n phone was off. Yes, I knew Anna was cheating on me just as I knew she knew I had once cheated on her with Lady Valerie. Don’t be so shocked. Am a man and not that this justifies my reason for cheating but it had just been a moment of wickness…

It was during one of our many business outings that it happened. Lady Valerie who was my boss and I were spending some time at the same hotel in Pretoria when I heard a knock at my door one night. I glanced at the wall clock and noticed the time was past 11 PM so it couldn’t be room servicing knocking. I lazily rolled out of bed and called, “Who is it?”

“Lady Valerie.”
she had a voice too soft for a woman of her appearance. She was one hot woman, I couldn’t help notice but my Anna was hot too.

“Lady Valerie? Not to be rude but what do you want from me at this hour?” “Just open up, Willy.”

Willy? Since when did she start calling me that? Anyway, I opened the door and as soon as she was in my room, Lady Valerie closed the door behind her and dropped her gown. She was wearing no underwear nor bra.

I swallowed, what a stunning body she had! I tried to divert my gaze elsewhere but no, seemed it was fixed on her body.

“I want you,”
she whispered in a seductive tone, waltzing towards me and wrapping her arms round my neck. “Kiss me, Willy. Kiss the heck outta me!”

“I- am married, boss.”

“Oh please! You won’t be the first man to cheat on your wife and neither will you be the last. Come on, it’s just sex!”

It’s just sex..her words reverberated inside my’s just sex.

Holy crap, I’d have to be homosexual not to wanna bang this hot woman in-spite of her age.

“This is wrong,”
I titled my head. “But what the f--k, you’re so hot, my lady!” “That’s my boy!” she crashed her lips on mine and I kissed her back.

Exploring her body with my hands, I s----d on her lips and before I knew it, I was rock solid down there and ready to go. Before we knew it, my clothes were flying everywhere and when we finally did it, I couldn’t believe a woman would have that much experience in bed! Holy crap, she made me wanna scream her name which is a girly thing to do, I know. Thank God I didn’t do that though.

And then guilt hit me so hard the following morning that I couldn’t even stand being in the same room with Lady Valerie so I got on the next plane to Lusaka with a vow never to ever cheat on Anna again. Well guess what, the devil had other plans in store for me. The devil decided to use Anna this time around. My wife really wanted to have a child but I just wasn’t ready. This is when I was beginning to make money for us so a child wasn’t quite the best thing I wished for right now so when I told her I wasn’t ready to have a child, she started sulking.

Like this one night I was so h---y and just wanted to make love to my wife and she led me on, arousing my feelings as best as she could just for her to say, “Sorry, no sex for you tonight.”


She let out a snort. “Why have sex when we ain’t planning to have any kids any time soon? I might as well be on a sexual fast until you decide to have a child with me.”

“Are you even listening to yourself, Anna? Don’t be this childish and let me have what rightfully belongs to me.”

“You are too h---y,”
she pushed me off her. “Go take a shower or something.”

There was no use pleading for sex so I went into the bathroom and masturbated, something I hadn’t thought I’d do after marrying but hello, s--t happens. I jerked it off until my gun was bullet free and then took a shower.

“Screw Anna,” I scowled while showering. “She ain’t the only woman with a p---y in this town.”

So the following day, Lady Valerie and I had another steamy love session in her office.

It was after the third encounter that I knew Anna knew I was cheating on her. I’d forgotten a couple of condoms in the back pocket of my favourite trousers and came back from work that day just to find the condoms spread on the bed.

“Those yours?” Anna asked when I got into the room, her back was facing me as she did whatever in front of the mirror.

“Um..not really.”

“Then how did they get into your pocket? Besides, you and I have never used condoms since we got married.”

“I thought we could start now,”
I lied, hugging her from behind. “Try something different for a change. You’ve been on the pill for quite some time now so-”

“How thoughtful of you,”
she cut me short. “But you know I hate condoms, they itch, so yeah. Am better off on the pill.”

“How could I have forgotten? Am so sorry, baby, let me just dispose them.”

“You better hurry.”
My wife was a smart a-s so I knew she’d figured out I was cheating on her and this prompted me to tell Lady Valerie off.

“We can’t be lovers no more,” I abruptly told my boss one day.

She looked disappointed. “Why?”

“Because I have a wife..and a conscience.” “Is that so? I see,”
she flatly said but added, “In case you change your mind though, remember am at your beck and call.”

I can proudly say two whole months passed without me sleeping with Lady Valerie just for Anna to start cheating on me? How did I find out? A man always knows when his lady is banging another man, especially if he bangs her the same day she [email protected] another. And that was the case with Anna on the night of Coreen’s husband’s party.

I was just suspecting her of cheating so I didn’t pay much attention to the issue until one day when she showed up home without our wedding ring.

We were seated opposite each other at the dining table when I said, “Where’s your ring, honey?”

“My ring?”
she looked at her finger and almost choked on her nshima so she gulped some water. “My ring?” she repeated. “I flashed it today at the office, by accident of course… finger was itching so I- took the ring off to let some blood run freely and then when flashing a tissue paper, I flashed it together with the ring.”

“I see,”
I quietly said, not believing a word she had just said.

And so after eating, I quietly walked to the bathroom and flashed my ring too. An eye for eye. She didn’t even bother ask me what happened to mine(the ring of course).

During the next four months, I was dead certain Anna was cheating on me so I hired someone to tail her and he brought back with him pics of Anna being all cozy with an Indian dude.

I can’t believe she cheated on me with such a person, I mused.

Maybe it wass because of his skin colour or maybe the b---h just wanted to get revenge from me for cheating on her cause I knew Anna held grudges.

Then one day I received a call from some hospital telling me my wife had been beaten up by some thugs. Bullshit. It took me one glance to decipher her lover had beaten her up. But she went ahead and lied to my face anyway.

I’d been patient enough so I was now even contemplating comfronting her and if she wasn’t willing to end her affair with the Indian, I’d divorce her.

So today as I paced around my sitting room, I decided I’d had enough! I hadn’t cheated on Anna for over six months now and she repays me by spending the whole day with her lover? Well then I might as well just spend the night with a lover of my own so I phoned Lady Valerie who picked up almost immediately. “William.”

“Hi. Remember when you said I could tell you whenever I change my mind? I’ve done exactly that right now.”

“Slow down, William. Remind me when I said that?”

“Six months ago..Look here, my lady,”
I was wooing her cause I knew she loved it when I referred to her as ‘my lady.’ “I want us to be lovers again.”

“Don’t joke like that.”

“I ain’t joking. Where are you right now?”

She gave me her location and what a wonderful night we shared.

I went back home the following day hoping to find Anna but she still wasn’t there. Now I got worried so I tried her mum’s line who thankfully picked up. I asked if Anna was at her place and she said no.

“Why do you ask, son in-law?”

“Because she left home yesterday in the morning and hasn’t been back since.

The worst part is that her phone is unreachable.”
Her mum sounded worried but assured me Anna would retain home that day, which was a Saturday.

In the evening, I received a call from her Dad.

“Whatever you did to my Anna, undo it right away cause you won’t like me when am angry you good for nothing idiot!”
tu-tu-tu, the line cut. On Sunday morning, I went to a police station and filed for a missing person’s report and 24 hours later, Anna was officially declared MISSING.

10 AM on Monday found Coreen, my mum, Anna’s parents and I at the police station. Coreen was crying while saying to the police, “You have to believe me, I know that son of a b---h Rajesh Sharma has done something to my friend.” “Mind your language, miss,” said the police officer on duty. “And what makes you think we’ll believe your friend’s lover, as you put it, has harmed her?”

“Because he abuses women! My husband who happens to be Rajesh Sharma’s cousin told me so,”
she sniffed before pressing something on her phone and playing an audio recording. “You hear that? That’s Anna and Rajesh having sex in my guestroom about four months ago. And just last week, Rajesh beat Anna black and blue, she had told me so while laying on a hospital bed.” Coreen then spared me a glance. “Am so sorry that you have to find out about your wife’s infidelity this way, William.”

I wasn’t shocked cause I already knew Anna was cheating but I did feel for her parents who seemed so ashamed, looking as if they were wishing the earth could just open up and swallow them. Poor fellows.

My mum sq££zed my hand. “Be strong, son.”
I merely nodded.

Coreen proceeded to tell the police about some girl Rajesh had hit so badly in India that she only woke up after being rushed to the emergency room. She(Coreen) also showed us all some pics on her phone of Anna and Rajesh holding hands at some mall.

Coreen was saying, “And I just received a text from my husband Cephas, Rajesh has been spotted at the airport. Seems he plans on flying to India. And that’s not the worst part..the worst part is, he’s alone. Anna is nowhere to be seen!”

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