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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 11
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Now we all know I’d been eagerly wanting to fall pregnant, once upon a time but not anymore so this news kinda shocked me. Plus I was on the pill so what the hell was some baby doing inside my belly? Forget that, let’s get down to business. Who’s the father?
The doctor did some tests on me before saying, “You sure you don’t want us to call anyone? Like your husband, a friend or maybe your parents? It can be anyone! Even a workmate is fine.”

“Not right now, Doc. I’ll tell you when I feel like letting someone know I’ve been hospitalized.”
The handsome man shrugged. “Strange..” and he meticulously walked out of the room.

I had time to backdate and calculate, and am talking about serious calculations. After recounting most of my recent sexual activities, I came to a decision, William was the father of my unborn baby. I ain’t lying. After all it’s only a woman who knows who the real father of her child is.

You are shocked William is the father? Well some of us are just lucky so close that mouth of yours before a fly goes right in.

So William was the father, what now? I stop cheating on him weh, simple. This was my wake up call so as soon as I get better, I had plans of confronting Rajesh and telling him we were over for good and that he could go bang his mama for all I cared. Let him lay a finger on me this time around and I’ll go straight to the police and rat him out for the woman abuser that he was. You see I didn’t want to get the police involved when he beat me because that would mean exposing myself in the process which would lead to so much disgrace and who knows what else? But now I was pregnant and had a baby to care for so it was time to fix my marriage!

When the doctor came around to my ward, I gave him Willy’s line. I’d tossed my phone and purse(after removing my necessities from the purse)in some bush on my way to the hospital, if I was claiming of being attacked, I better make it look real.

William showed up at the hospital over an hour later, looking extremely worried.

I hugged him the minute he was by my side and didn’t wanna let go. I felt so secure in his arms. He’d never la!d a violent finger on me ever since we’d gotten married so I wondered why I’d let myself be beaten to a pulp by someone the likes of Rajesh Sharma. “Baby, what happened to you? I arrived home and found you weren’t there..tried calling but your phone was off. I was dead worried so I phoned Coreen who said you weren’t at her place either, that you haven’t been there in weeks!” he paused to breathe as he intently studied me. The hug was a thing of the past. “Anna, where were you when this happened? Besides, you had no business being out!”

“William, I went to- to pay some hairdresser a visit in Rhodes Park where she works from. Look, she and I had known each other via facebook and we planned to meet and discuss something so when you said you were going out to watch soccer or whatever, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to pay her a visit. I got mugged and beat up, no big deal.”

“No big deal? Have seen yourself in the mirror? You look like you got beat up by some man who’s got serious beef with you!” “Am sorry I went out, baby. Can we drop this topic now? It’s really straining me.”

“If you wish.”

“And babe, don’t let either of my parents know.”

“Why?” “They’ll be worried for no reason and I don’t want them to be.”

“Your wish is my command.”

William stayed for a while before he said he was going out to grab us some food. I took advantage of his absence and pleaded with the doctor to please not inform my husband I was pregnant.

asked the baffled man.
I had to lie, “Because I want to give him the news myself, romantically. Over dinner, in bed or-”

“Alright, I get it.”


In all honesty, I was still having trouble fathoming I was pregnant so now wasn’t the best time to tell William I was. I was scared of his reaction cause I’d been on the pill, believe me. Maybe I’d skipped it once or twice but this pregnancy was really unexpected. William spent the night by my side, how sweet. And I cheated on such a man?

I had to force him to go home and take some rest when Coreen showed up at the hospital the following day. William finally budged and kissed me on my lips before going.

“You sure you don’t wanna get the police involved, Anna?”
Coreen asked while handing me a plate of sliced apples and oranges.

I sat up in bed and shook my head. “It’s of no use, people get mugged everyday.”

“Do they now? Anyway, you look terrible, no offense. Whoever attacked you did a number on you.”

I couldn’t help but decipher the sarcasm in her tone. “Haha, how funny.”

And then later, she asked, “Who’s the father?”

“Excuse me?”

“You’re pregnant, Anna. I overhead you and the doctor discussing the do’s and don’ts this morning when William stepped out of the ward so don’t deny being pregnant.”

I swallowed. “Fine, am pregnant. Yay,” I waved my arms in the air as if I was happy.

“Who’s the father?” “What is that supposed to mean?”

She rested her head on her palm and sympathetically looked at me. “I pity you, Anna. A woman of your class, stooping so low? What a shame.” The eye roll was inevitable. “You either tell me what you’re talking or I ask you get thrown out of this ward.”

“I know about Rajesh and you..I’ve known for months!” “I don’t know what you’re talking about,”
I said, facing the other way.

“Am your friend, Anna, not your enemy. I know about Rajesh so don’t go denying everything. He’s the one who did this to you, isn’t he? Look, I’ve not told anyone about your adulterous ways so you can trust me.”

I felt tears sting my eyes and I let them fall freely. How on earth did I end up like this? Knowing Coreen had known about my relationship with Rajesh made me feel filthy. Maybe I was all that Rajesh had called me back in his house yesterday after all, a certified prostitute!

“I don’t know what prompted me to cheat on William,”
I begun, my voice quirky.

“But I cheated. And yes, Rajesh did this to me.”

“You messed up, Anna, no lie. But you can still fix this. If the child is William’s, as you say it is, then that’s even better. You go up to that womanizer Rajesh Sharma and dump his mixed race a-s and do that with your head held high. Don’t let him intimidate you cause he can be intimidating and dangerous at times.”

“How do you know?” “Ever since I came to learn you were involved with him, I’ve been asking Cephas quite a lot about Rajesh, without raising suspicion that is. And I’ve heard about how possessive Rajesh can get so the earlier you end this thing that you have going on, the better.”

The tears overwhelmed me and I buried my head in Coreen’s b-----s. “I thank God for you, dear friend. I promise I’ll dump Rajesh and straighten my life out. Thanks for not ratting me out to my husband.”

“I would never do that,”
she assured me.

I was released from hospital the next day and took a leave from the office so all I did was spend much of the time home. And William was surprisingly at my beck and call. New.
I was yet to inform him of my pregnancy though. What I was waiting for, I still don’t know. I spent four full days home and William stepped out of the house that Thursday evening to go grab some groceries when I received the odd call.

I was preparing cheese burgers in the kitchen when the call from Coreen came.

I washed my hands as I’d been mixing mince with bread crumbs and eggs, and then picked the call. “Bae.”

“I can’t do this anymore,”
she was crying. “I need someone to talk to.”

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s Kimono me, she’s driving me nuts!” “Who’s Kimono me?”

I heard Cephas’ voice on the other end of the line. “What do you think you’re doing?”

Coreen said, “Trying to find someone I can share my problems with and who best if not my best friend!”

There was a shuffling noise before the call got cut.

Something was amiss over at Coreen’s so I dialed her line but was taken straight to voicemail.

“I hear you, Coreen. I’ll drop over tomorrow so that you can share your problems with me. Love you.”

I had just put my phone on the cupboard when the knock came at the door.

I rushed to open it before stopping in my tracks after holding the doorknob. “Who is it?”

“It’s Rajesh,”
came the whisper from outside. Rajesh? As in, Rajesh Sharma? I froze. What did he want?

“What do you want, Raj?”

“I just wanna talk.”

“I don’t wanna talk to you so leave! And you really have guts on you ai? You dare come to my house after what you did to me? Leave, Raj.”

“I ain’t going nowhere till you talk to me.”

I angrily opened the door and there he stood, the handsome devil. “You have two minutes, Rajesh.”


“One minute fifty eight seconds and counting.”

“Am sorry I hit you..Um, I’ve been trying to reach you but seems you changed your line so I had to come here. Can you come over to my house tomorrow so that we can talk things through, please?”

I still had to dump him so I begrudgingly said, “Okay.” “Thanks.”

“Don’t count your chicks before they hatch, mister.”
I snapped the door in his face as anger boiled within me.

William came back less than a minute after Raj left.

“Who was that?”
he asked, putting the shopping bags on the kitchen counter.

I shrugged. “No one, really. He was lost and was asking for directions which I gave to him.” “Oh..ok.”

I woke up early the following morning and cleaned the house thoroughly. I then took a bath, dressed up and applied a lot of make up so as to hide some of the marks on my face though the stitched up cut on my forehead was still terribly visible. No matter, who cared how or where I got the cut from anyway? I could have been involved in an accident or something along those lines for all they knew. Once I was fully dressed and ready to go, I said to William who was still in bed, “Am off to visit Coreen. See you later.”

“Alright, take perfect care of yourself for me. I’ll be home all day so I’ll be here when you come back.”

I kissed his lips. “Goodbye.”


I was headed to Coreen’s place quite alright but I still had Rajesh to dump so I did a detour and found myself at Raj’s who was excited to see me and became all touchy. “I knew you’d come!”

“Oh please,”
I pushed him away. “I didn’t come here to play lovey dovey.”

“At least take a seat, Anna. Let me get you something to drink.”

“I didn’t come all the way here for a drink either, Rajesh. I came here to tell you we’re done! We can’t continue this thing that we have going on.”

he touched my shoulders and added, “If its because of what happened the other day, am so sorry. I promise that ugly incident won’t repeat itself.”

“It definitely won’t because we are through! And you beating me is just part of the reason why.” “And what’s the other part?”

I looked him straight in his sexy eyes. “Because am carrying my husband’s baby, Raj. That’s why.”

“You’re bluffing.” “I don’t joke about serious matters. We are over, Rajesh Sharma.”

he snapped. “We are not over until I say so. Now you’ll get rid of that thing you’re carrying and you and I will elope to India otherwise the consequences will be dire. If Rajesh Sharma can’t have you, neither can William Njapau or any other man!”

“For both our sakes, don’t be so stubborn.”
I turned to leave but he grabbed me by the weave and pulled me towards him. And looking into his eyes, I knew this wasn’t going to end well.

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