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Marriage Chronicles - Season 1 - Episode 15
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6PM that day found Cephas and I at some fancy restaurant. He had somehow convinced me to spend the rest of that gloomy day with him and I needed the company so I accepted.
Cephas ordered a chicken fahita while I got a cheese burger and Sprite.

“What happened to us, Coreen?”

“What do you mean?”

“We used to be a happy couple once upon a time. I wish we could go back to being,”
he paused and sighed. “us.”

“Cephas, simply tell me what I wanna know and then we can have this conversation.”

“Why don’t we forget about our problems for tonight? Let’s just pretend everything’s as it was back then and have a wonderful night. Honey, life is too short. Take a look at Anna.”

He had a point and truth be told, I’d missed my husband big time. I’d missed everything about him, his smile, touch, fragrance, everything!

I leaned back in my seat and smiled. “Why not?”

The smile that appeared on his face was overwhelmingly sweet. “I love you, Coreen.”

I just raised my bottle of Sprite and took a drag. From the restaurant we went to a quiet bar and drank ciders. Ok that sounds wrong, I drank ciders while Cephas drank lagers.

We were feeling a bit tipsy by the time we got home. We had barely locked the door when Cephas took me into his arms and kissed me like there was no tomorrow.

I locked my arms round his neck and wrapped my legs around his waist, kissing him back. In that position, Cephas walked us to the living room where he accidentally hit me against the door and I just laughed. It was romantic weh.

He laughed too. “Sorry.”

“What you should be sorry about is the fact that both of us are still fully dressed. Clothes have no business being on our bodies right now.”

Cephas chuckled as he softly made me lay on the sofa. “Am on it, boss.”

And so we literally ripped the clothes off each other’s bodies and soon enough we were making those sounds, you know them. To spare you the e----c details, our love making session that night was wonderful as wonderful can be.

I kissed him on the lips when we were done and got up from the sofa. “I gotta take a shower.”

he bit his lower lip in a sexy manner. “Why don’t I join you?”

“You’ve had enough for tonight,”
I teasingly said as I turned around to leave. I felt him smack my a-s.

“You naughty boy, Ceph Donut.”

“Did you just call me Ceph Donut, Coreen?”

It was only after he mentioned it that I realised what I had called him and it sent chills down my spine to know I was now unknowingly uttering Kimono me’s words. Was I becoming her? Lord help me.

Without saying nothing more, I rushed to the bathroom where I locked myself in. I entered the glass cubicle and opened the faucet, standing directly under the shower. The hot water was soothing and I shut my eyes. When I opened them eyes, I saw blood stained hands pressing against the steamy cubicle. A scream caught in my throat. I shut my eyes again and when I opened them the hands were gone.

“That b---h,”
I scowled. “She just can’t leave me the hell alone.” I don’t know if it was the alcohol talking.
I continued showering just for the water to turn bloody red.

I screamed, hurriedly closing the faucet which didn’t budge so I stepped out of the cubicle and stood in front of the mirror. My whole body was covered in blood.

“What do you want this time around, Lubuto Bwalya?”

She materialized behind me, I could see her in the mirror. She looked as Kimono me as ever.

“How did you like my little trick?”

“The bloody one? It was amateurish and cliche.”

“Not that one, honey. Am talking about me playing mind games with you using your dead friend’s voice.”

“What are-”
I stopped midway. “You b---h!” and turned. She was nowhere to be seen so I turned back and saw her ghostly reflection in the mirror.

She laughed. “Got you!”

“You’re sick, Lubuto. Don’t tell me you now get drunk when I drink cause that’s how you’re acting. Drunk!”

“Oh please, am just excited.”

“Ghosts get excited too? Didn’t know.”

“Haha. I’ve slept with Cephas after so many years so I ought be happy.”

“Excuse me?”

“Oh please don’t act dumb. You’ll figure it out anyway,”
she snapped. “And by the way, go visit your granny and ask her about the twins your mother had almost 28 years ago and she better tell you the truth. Tell her I said so. Adios, until next time.”
She waved her hands in goodbye and vanished. I leaned against the sink and closed my ears. All the beer was now officially out of my system as I felt insanely sobber.

Kimono me was now giving me the creeps!

I didn’t bother telling Cephas I was going to Kapiri when the next day came. I just waited for him to leave the house and then I left too.

When I arrived at Grandma’s, I wasn’t smiling.

She got all busy trying to serve me food when I grabbed her by the arm and made her sit beside me. “I didn’t come here to eat, granny.”

“Your tone is scaring me, Coreen. What’s going on?”

“What’s going on is you’ve been keeping a massive secret from me all these years.

You do know the moment of truth does eventually come, right? And it has come, Grandma.”

“I quite don’t understand what you’re talking about, my child.”

“Tell me about my twin.”

Her facial expression didn’t falter. “I knew this day would come,” she stood and faced the other way. “How did you find out?”

“That doesn’t matter.”

“Well, your mother had given birth to twin girls before dying in labour. You are the first born by the way. So when my son, your father, committed suicide later that day, I was shattered. Life was tough back then and no one was willing to take care of two orphan twins so I took both of you in.. by then Gwen was only a year old. The problem came when I couldn’t cater for your needs so I sold one baby, the last born.”

“You sold a baby?!”
I sprang to my feet. “Jesus! That’s just wicked.”

“It is..but I needed money, for Gwen and you. How do you think I managed to pay for your school fees despite my lack of a solid source of income? Look here Coreen, what I did was wrong, I accept. But your sister had a good life.”

“How do you know?”

“Because I knew the couple I sold her to,”
she turned to face me.

“There, you know the whole truth. Happy now?”

“Actually, am disappointed and mad at you at the same time. You’re despicable, Grandma. And I hate you for selling an innocent baby!”

I angrily got my bag and dashed out of the house while shedding tears. I just couldn’t believe my Grandma, the woman I had adored all my life was capable of such.

I stopped in my tracks when I reached at a crossroads, realizing my life was actually at one too..where to go from here? And Kimono me? Only God knew how I was going to rid myself of an evil and vengeful psychotic ghost twin!

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