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Maraa - Season 1 - Episode 27
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“He works in way, we cannot see, he will make a way for us, he will be our guide, holds us closely to his side, with love and strength for each new day…” he started singing again, sonorously as he stood up
What an elegant height!

I surrender to you Lord.

“Let’s go home son” I said and he smiled widely as I held his hands warmly
I felt like he was a part of me that had been long lost.

I felt like he was just a part of me
God will take care of us.

He will!

As I held my baby in my arms, I pecked his small face and he smiled
“I name him Daniel. My Daniel” Daniel said and I laughed
“Yes Daniel!” I agreed as I smiled again
As we were set to leave, I placed Daniel’s hand in Doctor Flora’s hand and she looked into my face, giving me a shy look
“What?” I asked and she looked away
I was confused

“Is she a doctor?” Daniel asked and I smiled, looking awe
“Yes she is” I replied
Flora smiled
“Are you from America?” she asked and he nodded
“Yes. You know me?” he asked
“Daniel Williams right?” she asked again and I looked into Daniel’s face.

He looked perplexed
“Yes that’s my name. You know me?” he asked again
Doctor Flora shrugged
“Somehow. But the last time I knew about you, you could see. What happened to your sight?” she asked and I gave her ‘You shouldn’t have asked jare’ look

“You know me?” that was what he asked again
She smiled

“It seems so. But we’ve got to do something about your sight first. Madam, go home and let me meet with certain optician friends in Abuja. This has to be attended too” she said, left his hand and walked out of the church hurriedly

I was dazed

“Have you been to Nigeria before?” I asked him and he shook his head
“God is great” Pastor said and that was when I realized that he was still standing with us.

I looked into his face and he was grinning happily
Was there something I didn’t know about?
“Is her name Flora?” Daniel asked again and I could only nod
How did he know?

“You know her from somewhere?” I asked
He shook his head
“I just guessed” he shrugged
“Let’s go home boy” the pastor said as he held his hand, looking so excited

I followed behind foolishly and wondered what everything was all about

“The Lord is just too great. Miracles falling upon miracles, all in a day!” he exclaimed happily
“Halleluyah!” Daniel said too
I became jealous

“I thought he said I was his mother” I whispered to myself
“I love you mum” he grinned
I gasped

I had totally forgotten that I had a mind reader beside me
It sU-Cks!
….but in a cool way!
I smiled

I opened the freezer and my heart jumped into my mouth

“Oluwa ooo” I exclaimed and my husband jumped in
“What’s it?” he asked and I stood with my arms akimbo
“Jare, I placed four cartons of fish here yesterday so the caterers would work with them today but now it’s three I can find in here. Oh my God!” I exclaimed loudly and my husband smiled as he clapped his hands together in a mocking manner
“Ololufe mi, don’t kill yourself with hypertension o” he said and I became infuriated
“Do you know how much the fish costs? The fish are not the Nigerian type. They are shipped in from Brazil” I explained on and Adejare looked on in awe

“Madam Story! Were you not the one that asked me to take a carton out so I could boil and grind for you to make Moin-moin this morning?” he asked and I opened my eyes wide
I had totally forgotten

“Sorry” I said, smiling sheepishly
He brushed my nose with the tip of his index finger
I was tickled
“You are already growing old” he said and I smiled

“Then you are growing older” I said
“Really!” I replied
“Well, the older we go together, the greater our love would be” he said and I looked into his face amazingly

This obviously couldn’t be my husband
“Amen” I said slowly and he pulled me closer to himself

He planted a kiss on my forehead
“I thank God for your life. This past one year have really been like a honeymoon to me” he said and I smiled great peace in my soul.

“Glory to God alone. If not God, who could it be?” I asked

Daniel ran inside and came directly to me.
He tugged at my wrapper and I picked him up.
“Mamma mamma…” he repeated as he pulled at my blouse

“sU-Ckie sU-Ckie” I played with his mouth
My husband shook his head as he twisted his mouth to a side

“This old man isn’t even shy to start sU-Cking… zame on you” he joked and we laughed about it as my baby boy feasted on his fleshy food while my husband looked away shyly

“Na you sabi” I said, smiling as I backed him
I heard some clapping and the curtain was drawn
It was Doctor Flora

“Amairiya!” we echoed together as she entered, beautifully clad in very nice traditional attire
She blushed and covered her face
“I go love o…see my old papa and mama playing love here ooo”

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