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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 5
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“I know u warned me and all but I thought u jst hated johnson”, becky cried,”y do u think I will jst hate ur boyfriend for no reason”, “ex boyfriend”, she corrected.

“So,patty, how did she find out”
“He was f-----g a girl against d fence,dats so disgusting, he should have gone inside naaa”, patty complained looking disgusted. I assume johnson didn’t leave d position I saw him in.
” it’s ok,baby his lose not urs”, I tried to console becky,

“Let’s eat some chocolate, I bet dat will make u feel beta”, patty added. After so much eating and crying Becky finally fell asleep at about 4:30am, patty and I had to crash on d rug for d night, bcos becky refused to share d bed. i woke up at about 9:30am, patty and becky were still fast asleep so I decided to busy my self with washing our dirty cloths, d three of us rented different rooms but we always crash in my room.

” where is my sister”, I knew it was fred even b4 raising my head.

” good morning to u too”, I said.

“Wateva, where’s my sister”

” I cnt remember being her keeper”, I said to him, and he left without saying anoda word, I swear dis dude is seriously rude, tnk God his room is in d last block, dat means I won’t b seeing him often, but he’s still patty’s broda, so am nt sure if d last block tin is going to work, how can someone as cocky as him be related to someone like patty, how on earth is dat possible.

“Hello laundry woman”
“Morning matty”
“Whatsup hun”
“Am gud, u?
“Am kul”
” u shuld still be in bed, u must have had alot of work to do last night”, I teased him, and I swear I saw him blush, wow, d playboy is actually blushing.

“Wateva,so, mummy where are ur babies?”
“Still sleeping,so, have u spoken to ur mum?”
“No, he said scratching his head,

“U knw u are gonna have to talk to her one of dis days right?”

“Yeah, but she chose dat man over me, so I dnt owe her anytin”

“Dat man is ur step dad matty, ur mum jst had to be happy after ur dad’s death”

” ur own mum shuld have also chosen to be happy after ur dad left her, she has been alone for about 21 years now, my mum didn’t even wait for up to 6 months b4 she started f-----g dat man, how am I sure dat she was not having an affair wen my dad was still alive”.

” dnt say dat about ur mum, she would neva do dat”

” wateva,dis hostel is oddly quiet”, he frowned as he tried to change d topic, I ignored him and concentrated on my cloths, “dnt worry pumpkin we can talk about my mum later”, he finally said with a smile when he realized I was not happy with d change of topic. Mat and I became close after we were paired up by Mr. Justice for an assignment during our first day in skul, matt found himself telling me a lot of things about himself.

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