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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 4
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“I dnt know him”, I said almost immediately and he gave me a cocky smile dat I desperately wanted to slap out of his face, but I knew beta. “Am Jackson”, d guy standing beside fred said “am Nkem” I replied, “u guys should get to knw ur selves naa”, patty screamed, come to think of it y does she nid to do dat d music was not even dat loud”i dnt want to knw her”, fred said, thank God d jerk read my mind bcos believe me, d feeling is mutual, I need some fresh air, “I will jst step out for a while”, I said to patty in particar b4 I went out, I wonder y I cnt c becky around…..

I must say dat am not shocked, who will help me knock some senses into becky, jst look at Johnson making out with anoda girl, dey could have gotten a room or something, I promised neva to interfere, I dnt knw what dat makes me, but I will not interfere, I think I shuld jst go back to d party, Johnson has also polluted d air ouside, jst dsame tin dat jerk did to d one inside, but I can manage.

“Hey jackson”
“Looks like u’ve met Fredrick b4 now”
“Dat guy is so rude”
” he’s not always like dat”
“Yeah he’s ur friend so, u will definately defend him, I understand”
“Bro can I get ur car key?, I cnt find mine, I will jst look for it after d party”, fred interrupted,
“Going somewhere?” jackson asked

“No I need to loosen up a bite and my room is filled up”, he said,
“Just remember ur protection bro” jack warned

“I would neva f--k a girl without dat”, fred said.
O boy, I think we have another matt around.

“So, what are u doing here alone”, jackson continued

“Partying duh”
“I knw, like no date?”
“No boyfriend?”
“What about u, no girlfriend?”
“I dnt do commitments”
“Oh,so, u are a fu-Ckboy jst like ur friend”
” u can call it what u want sweetheart, we call it loosening up”, he laughed”it was nice talking to u but I have to go, I need to bang”
“I will give u dsame advice u gave to ur friend, dnt forget ur protection”

“And I will give u dsame response, I would neva f--k a girl without dat, c u around sunshine”, he gave me a peck and left. Wow, dis dude smells nice.

“Shine bright like a diamond”, my phone ringtone interrupted my thoughts,”whatsup becky”, “Nkem, I need u come over to ur room now please”, it was obvious dat she was crying, what could be d problem.

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