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Loving Bad - Season 1 - Episode 2
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It’s been two weeks since d argument with becky, and I have decided to let her be,i really dnt knw how she doesn’t see what am seeing, but what can I do, I will jst leave her and her so called boyfriend alone. “Ouch, what was dat are u blind or sometin?, watch where u are going young man you jst stepped on me”.

“How about u watch where u are going young lady” d stranger defended.

“U are so rude, u stepped on me for christ sake”, “wateva”, he murmured and walked into my hostel,” idiot”, I cussed and continue my journey to d kiosk very close to my hostel to buy my favorite snack, I bet dat will make me feel beta after my encounter with that dounchbag.

“Nkem”, becky screamed, “I need something to wear to d party”, she continued, ” jst look for something becky, and dnt scater my room”, I warned her ” u needed to c d idiot dat I saw outside d gate few minutes ago, d dude stepped on me and refused to apologize, rather he said I shuld have watched where I was going to”, I complained to becky, ” who is d guy?”, she inquired, ” I have neva seen him b4, nd I hope I will neva see him again”, I told my friend, ” ok, can I get a dress for d party now?”, she pleaded, ” u knw what becky, dat guy was so cute, hell no, he was hot”.

“Wow, tell me about him”, becky screamed, “how about we find u a dress”, I laughed. ” wear a nice dress girlfriend remember we are meeting patty’s cousin today, maybe he’s Mr. rite u wouldn’t knw”,
” not like I care becky”.

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