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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 28
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chidi had waited for shantel to return home, he had been waiting for her for the past 2 hours, and its past 10 o clock already, her phone is not going through, that increased his fear
kristine walked up to chidi

kristine: she is not yet back?

chidi: yes i havent seen her and her phone is not going through, i am getting mad already
kristine: (suprised) this is unlike shantel but chill bro, she would soon be back
chidi: i pray and hope so (he said in fustration)
shantel had been taken to a small room, the room was lit, she had been tied to a chair, her mouth was closed with a tape, her eyes too was also blind folded. She had been crying since she was brought there
the two guys she saw on the car were there with her. Rexy had been the driver driving the cab then. he went straight to shantel and remove the tape used to cover her mouth and the cloth used to blindfold her.

Shantel: what do you want from me , she said to no one in paticular
rexy: chill girl, you need to meet someone
sonia had recieved the message that shantel have been captured
“good job done” she had replied the message which came from rexy. I will be there in a bit.

She was there in few minutes. She had instructed rexy to remove the tape and the stuff used in blindfolding her.

Sonia: shantel dear
shantel who had been praying for a miracle heard someone call her name, and it was no other person but sonia, she then realised that she had entered the lion’s den

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