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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 26
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sonia: hello rexy
speaker: yes hello sonia
sonia:its now time for the deal
speaker: oh i taught you wanted her to graduate first
sonia: plans have changed, it has to be carried out this week
speaker: oh okay, i will start making plans
sonia: alright, just keep me updated.

She hung up the call and smiled to herself.

At shantel’s room

shantel has been on her laptop typing her project when chidi walked in
chidi: hello wifey (he said as he sat on her bed)
shantel: (chuckles) we are not yet married yet.
Chidi: in a month time, we will be joining in holy wedlock.

Shantel:until then sir
chidi: what about kristine and zara
shantel: they are not yet back… We will be going to the bridal’s shop tommorow to get my wedding gown
chidi: oh really,i trust kristine.. I know she would choose a beautiful dress for my angel.
Shantel: oh yeah, she will
chidi: you know i still find it mystifying the way you guys became so close judging on how she despised you then. One would never imagined you two would ever be close
shantel: life can be like that sometimes. Until you get close to a person, u would never know the stuff they are made of, she is nice.

Chidi: thats true dear. (he stared at her)
shantel: hey, why the stare? You are making me feel uncomfortable
chidi stands up and goes to where shantel is and carried her to the bed
chidi: you are so beautiful dear. You are just so irresistible (he then kissed her)
shantel, kristine and zara just came out from the bridal shop they went to get shantel’s gown and then hoped into thier car

rexy: hello sonia
sonia: any progress
rexy: yea, am on thier trail but i doubt if this would work because they are three, i dont want to make a mistake
sonia: i want a clean job, i want only shantel dead not the girls with her. So if this one wont work, u should have a plan b
rexy: not to worry, i have my plans
sonia: thats cool
rexy hung up and drove through another route

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