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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 24
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sonia was very furious when she finished talking to kristine.

Chidi had tricked her and he has also known that she had to do with shantel’s misfortune. She had to act really fast.
At chidi’s home
chidi was discussing with zara, his sister
zara: chidi, i heard you and sonia are no longer together
chidi: yes, that girl is a s--t, she cheated on me
zara: really, i cant believe she did that. Sonia of all people. So you are now single now.
Chidi: (smiled) no, i am not o
zara: so you don get another girl naw naw (she said jokingly) so who is this girl, do i know her?

Chidi: yes you do. shantel
zara: shantel, you are dating shantel now?
Chidi: yes

zara: well its okay, i am happy for the both of you, wont it be ok if you tell mum?
Chidi: nah, not now, but very soon.. Probably when shantel gains admission
zara: alright.

Four years later
chidi is now working in a firm. Shantel is in her final year already.
Sonia couldnt come up with a good plan then, so she decided to wait till shantel is about to graduate.

Chidi comes back from work and meets his mother
chidi: hello mum
chidi’s mum: how was work today chidi?
Chidi: fine mum. Zara and kristine are not home yet?
Chidi’s mum: yes, but they will soon be back, they said they would stop by d mall to get somethings.

Chidi: ok, mum there is something i would like to tell you
chidi’s mum: ok, go on
chidi: (he now settled at the sofa) i have been dating shantel for quite sometime now, i am sorry i didnt tell you but mum i would like to marry her

chidi’s mum: what? You mean you kept this from me for such a long time?
Chidi: i am sorry mum, i just thought that wasnt the right time
chidi’s mum: well its okay, you have my blessings then
chidi: thank you so much mum.

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