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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 23
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chidi boarded a taxi for shantel home while he left for school
sonia was greatly infuriated by chidi’s statement and reaction, she was fuming. How did shantel survive? She asked herself
she couldnt justify the fact that was still alive and to crown it all now dating chidi
chidi on the other hand couldnt concentrate on what the lecturer was saying that day. He blamed himself for not transfering those messages he saw on sonia’s phone to his phone that day, he was sure sonia was going to strike back, he didnt want anything to happen to shantel again because of him
sonia dialled a number on her phone, it rang twice and the person answered the third time
sonia: hello kristine
kristine: sonia whats up
sonia: i am fine, whats happening, how did chidi start dating shantel?

Kristine: (suprised) chidi dating shantel? I dont know about it, wait, he broke up with you?
Sonia: yes
kristine: i didnt know that, i only know that shantel is living with us now, but sonia, you should fight for your man naaw, how can you allow a small girl that i am even older than with a whole year take your man from you. I wish i could help but i am only his sister, he wont even listen to me. Try and do something about it quickly. And that shantel of a girl, i dont just like her
sonia: alright kristine, i will see to it, how about zara?
Kristine: she is doing fine
sonia: ok, my regards to her and hillary.
Chidi got home that day looking so tired, he greeted his mum
chidi’s mum: hello chidi, how was school today?

Chidi: school is fine mum, its just my project, its really stressing me out
chidi’s mum: dont worry son, everything will soon be over and you will graduate soon. Trust me
chidi: thanks mum
chidi’s mum: shantel told me you guys are done with the registeration
chidi: yes mum, thanks for helping her
chidi’s mum: oh, its nothing… You know shantel’s mum was close to me, she is like a daughter to me
chidi: alright mum, i will be in my room.

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