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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 22
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shantel: urhm
chidi: shantel i am promising you this last time, i will never do anything to hurt you okay
shantel: (she stared at chidi’s face, how she loved this man, she saw sincerity in his face) chidi, i have always loved you, there was never a day i didnt love you. I will be your girlfriend..

Chidi: (who was already in tears brought her body closer and hugged her) thank you shantel
shantel: thank you chidi, you are the reason i decided to live again, thanks soo much.
They were so engrossed with eachother that they didnt know that hillary had come back and had been watching the scene between the both of them
hillary: (clears throat)
chidi saw hillary and started laughing, shantel on her own was just shy
hillary: hmm, chidi dont come and spoil shantel for me o
well, i heard what you guys said.. I am happy for both of you
shantel: (smiles)thanks bro hillary
hillary: shantel whats at home, i am starving
shantel goes to the kitchen and
served hillary and chidi thier food.
Later in the evening zara and kristine came home
shantel: welcome zara
zara: how are you shantel, how was your day?
Shantel: it was fine.. Welcome kristine, so what did you bring for me, (she said jokinly)
kristine: (she just looked at shantel and smiled) zara i will be in my room
you know that moment when the embarassment is too much, you just dont know how to feel, shantel looked so embarassed by what kristine just did. She cursed in her mind that she was never going to try that again.

The next day
as usuall everyone was out, chidi’s mum already gave chidi the money for shantel’s putme registration. So chidi took shantel to school and registered her. On thier way back chidi decided to stop by at a boutique to buy shantel some few cloths
chidi: shantel, lets go over to that boutique
shantel: what for?

Chidi: dear, you need to change your wardrobe
shantel: thank you so much chidi
they got inside, shantel selected some cloths, trousers, gowns, and tops. When they were done, chidi paid for the cloths, as they were heading out, they came across sonia. Sonia was suprised to see chidi but was more suprised to see chid and shantel together.
Sonia: chidi, i dont want to believe this
chidi: look sonia, i dont want you to ever call me again, infact, dont even bother coming to my house, i have told you our relationship is over
sonia: but we came back together, and you are now cheating on me with her (pointing at shantel)
chidi: that was only a trick to get something from you, and listen to me sonia, i know all your deeds
shantel who had been watching at them, just said
shantel: its okay chidi, you guys are creating a scene here lets go
sonia gave shantel a stern look
chidi held shantel’s hand and they both left for home leaving sonia there.

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