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Love or deciet - Season 1 - Episode 21
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it was morning already, shantel was already up. She had been given her personal room. She was very grateful to chidi’s parents. How chidi was able to convince his parents was what she couldnt just understand
she quickly murmured some prayers and stood up, left to wash her face and quickly brushed her teeth. And then headed straight to the kitchen. She started washing the dirty dishes. It was past already.

When she was done, she swept and mopped the kitchen, warmed the food that was already prepared the previous day.

She proceeded to the parlour and started sweeping, when she was through she went to carry a mop and a bucket of water which she applied a little detergent, she started cleaning the parlour.

The first daughter came out and saw shantel
zara: good morning shantel
shantel: good morning precious
zara: you are already up, how was your night?
Shantel: fine
they were still talking when kristine, thier last daughter came to the parlour
shantel: good morning kristine
kristine acts like she didnt hear what shantel said and goes to sit on the couch
shantel didnt even bother herself cause she has never responded to her greeting ever since she knew her from the market.. She just continued what she was doing.

Zara: shantel try ehh, kristine go and wash the dishes or is this how you will sit back there doing nothing
kristine: ohh ooh, abeg i am coming,.. She sluggishly stands up and headed to the kitchen.

Zara exits the parlour and also goes to the kitchen

5 minutes later
zara and kristine comes to the parlour and meets shantel in the parlour
zara: shantel, you have already washed plates?
Shantel: yes
zara: wow, thanks okay.
Chidi and hillary came out of thier respective rooms
shantel was already through with what she was doing, she had gone to keep the mop and the bucket where it is always kept
hillary: shantel, how are you
shantel: i am fine bro hillary
chidi: hello dear, good morning, how was your night
shantel: fine and yours?

Chidi: cool baby, i will be going to school today but i will be home early, do make yourself comfortable
shantel: ok
kristine and zara who had been glued to thier phones stood up and left to prepare for school.

In five hours time
they were all out of the house, hillary had gone to work while chidi zara and kristine had gone to school
chidi’s mum had gone to the store and his dad to work
chidi’s mum didnt allow me to follow her to the market because people might start asking unnecessary questions
shantel has been alone in the house, post utme registeration for the school she applied for has just begun, chidi’s mum had already promised that she would register the next day. People can be really nice, she thought… All thanks to chidi.

Chidi was the first to return home, immediately he saw shantel, he gave her a passionate hug and planted a kiss on her forehead
chidi: so what have you been doing today?
Shantel: nothing really, just reading… How was school today?

Chidi: fine, just that i was only thinking about you… He lifted her to his room and lay her on the bed. Droped his bag. And started kissing her. Shantel disentangled herself from him
shantel: its okay chidi
chidi: sorry dear, i couldnt just resist you… What do you have to say about my proposal.. Please shantel, be my girlfriend.

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